It's pathetic how courts deal with hackers and computer fraud . These maggots should be dealt with harshly for all the grief and expense they cause :

Angry hacker escapes conviction
Mark Oberhardt
A MAN, angered when his girlfriend was fired from an Internet company, hacked into its system and altered details.

A magistrate originally found Daniel Francis Lynam, 23, had no case to answer, but the Director of Public Prosecutions proceeded with an ex-officio charge.

In the District Court yesterday, Lynam pleaded guilty to hacking between March 10 and 13, 2002.

The court was told Lynam and his girlfriend had both worked for a company which had a forum page accessed by various usernames.

The court was told Lynam left the company in early 2002 and in March that year his girlfriend was fired.

Lynam was alleged to have accessed the company's system and altered the forum page, which cost $1800 to restore.

Barrister Mark Green said Lynam realised his actions were stupid but had not intended to cost the company money, as he thought what he had done "would be annoying but would be easily fixed".

Judge Michael Shanahan said it was a serious offence but recorded no conviction.

He ordered Lynam to perform 150 hours' community service and pay compensation of $1800.

PS Congratulations to Adster for regaining the Ashes . It's on loan for two years .