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Thread: Trial news

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    Default Trial news

    Hi Admins

    A week ago me Boborob and LynnRE requested that you should start another thread for keeping up with the info, the reason to that was that we felt that your webpaged gained in class since the changes but failed to keep things clear about the Trial news. And if im not missinformed that is the reason why the page exists, i dont remember wich one of you guys that agreed and thought it was an good idea. But since then weve received the information that we should mail you if we want info, ive done that but still havent received the info. Im sorry to say that you still havent manage to clearify things about the trial, im even sorrier to say that i had to turn to GFF to get the correct info, and you can say that the problem is that your process with GFF is stealing time etc etc... But facts still stands that you still havent manage to make it clearer about the trial.

    I usually dont sound so negative, and do see this as an atempt to improve your enourmous effort. Thank you guys for doing what you do and the best of luck to you.


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    listen mate. If you look around, you will find the recent trial news, over what really happened well stated on RC! Anywhere you might have read the same news, came from Rolclub. Its our moderator thats on floor each time a new trial or hearing was in that court room. We have covered it as much as we can. I dont think anyone, nor any place coveres this trial as we do, but your free to look around if you think anyone does...

    Closing this thread. Here is where you will get the info you need.If you read all posts there, you wont miss out on anything new:

    Thread closed.


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