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Thread: A dream?????

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    Thumbs down A dream?????

    Just my thoughts.........

    this has been going on long enough....

    are we not desperately holding on to a dream here; (Pips) which is just not going to happen..........

    1. lack of credible information....
    2. lack of information from Marsden last year when Pips did go tits up, no payouts etc.....
    3. accusations being laid at the door of certain Pips staff....
    4. the lotto which never materialised....
    5. Marsden posting under the name of Barry James....
    6. other HYIP Schemes going tits up as well (12dailyPro, GWP, Wired Surf etc. etc. ) are they all just scams???
    Jimmy fae Glasgow

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    There is really little to discuss at this stage we have reached Jimmy, it would have been much more hectic and debatable if you had raised this some 8 months back at least... where were you all along?

    Anyway, it isn't a matter of too little too late of what is left for any material left for the sake of debating here... I doubt many will find their breath and for what is left to exchange with your already firm stance on the issue... I will close this thread as it is now at a point of....just waiting for reliable facts to hear on.

    Where do we go once we get a far more relied update with our man (thebat$) on the frontline gathering whatever is available to keep track of the latest on the Marsdens and the trial surrounding PI Inc and them as well.

    Perhaps you would like to join the many more sharing your plight and dismay by helping in a collective way to help fund that fact-finding assignment we initiated?

    Thanks for returning and it would add more strength to help recover some "credible" facts most are keen on knowing... this debate you wish to revive has reached a saturation stage... :

    Last edited by YogiBrood; 10-04-2007 at 09:46 PM.

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