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    Default Viking Pipsters Traditional "Julbord"

    Dear all Swedish Viking Pipsters

    Unfortunally we have to cancel our yearly christmas-smorgasbord aka "Julbord " the 12/22-2006. It was suppose to be a meeting for all us belivers but due to heavy losses in another program called " AMINVESTOR" which we was so stupid to join we only will be able to afford a tiny sandwich together with cheap vodka. Anyhow we hope some representant for the scam "AMINVESTOR" will attend this meeting to lie us full of **** as we are use to hear. We at Viking Pipsters so want to believe in those guys who tells us all those fairytales. As usual the meeting will take place in the Swedish scam capital VÄSTERÅS but due to the circumstances we don`t accept Smurf money anymore Dear Viking Pipsters, join our wonderful but poor party and don`t forget to pay your member fee eg. 500 Swedish krona because i have bills to pay.

    No1 Viking

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    Hi Viking,

    Just Stay Cool and cheer up to a brighter 2007 ahead!
    Enjoy the holiday for now
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