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    Default Benefit of Doubt

    Wow! What a turn of events!

    I certainly have my own opinion here, but I do try to give
    the subject title here some credit.

    Humanitarian aid seems to be a large issue....regardless
    of whether you believe it was genuine or a facade.
    Let's face it, either it was or it was not, and basically this
    is a deciding factor as to the real character of those being charged.
    Again, I am not referring to the act itself....I am referring to whether
    or not the act of giving was a facade or genuine.
    Opinions? Facts to back up opinions?

    PIPS/Isabellamina Foundation c/o
    Mr. Leo Van Vogel;
    Mr. Hiroshi Ueda, Japan

    This seemed to be a leader in Humanitarian Aid for Pips.
    Anyone want to elaborate on this Foundation?
    I have looked into this, to some degree, and I have found that
    Pips did have a good part of the pie via "Mr. Leo Van Vogel and
    Mr. Hiroshi Ueda, Japan".
    I struggle to find additional information on these individuals
    and what relation they have with Pips.

    I welcome any additional information that may be of help in
    support of the Humanitarian Aid side of this issue, especially
    if you can provide something of substance that will give the
    "benefit of doubt" some credibility in support of the genuiness
    of the act of giving.

    (Additional comments welcome, but please be kind!)

    Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Kiss slowly, play hard, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything, never go to sleep angry and have no regrets. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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    I am afraid the news on that front is not at all good.There is much on various forums,but this is post today.Very sad actually.

    Marsdens Charged - Page 8 - HYIP Forum > HYIP Discussion

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    For all of you who think BM was such a great humanitarian, and did so much for charitable organizations, please contact the Isabella Foundation and ask them what happened to the Director of their Southeast Asia branch (you know the one who had his pictures taken with BM and PIPS people). Ask them just how much money they really did receive from PIS and BM versus what was promised.

    But I will save you the trouble. He lost his job all because of his relationship with the great humanitarian, BM. At last count, they received less than 10% of what was promised. Now before you go claiming he couldn't pay because BNM froze the accounts, he was behind months before BNM raided PIPS. Kind of like when payments stopped 8-9 months before BNM raided PIPS.

    Then we can't discount all the water purifiers that never seemed to get to their destination for the Tsunami victims, and of course all the trees in the dessert that were going to make millions (well, you have to plant them before they can return a profit, but seems BM forgot to plant them). Of course the list goes on and on and on, much like the promises of BM and PIPS.

    So remind me again what a great humanitarian he was, but this time name the charities and the amounts given.

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    Jack1. I concur. When I was writing my (much maligned!) book on Pips and the Marsdens, I had a long correspondence with Leo van Vogel who was frank about the problems Pips had caused him. As a result, and in gratitude for his honesty, I barely mentioned the thorny subject of the "charitable donations" from Pips, donations which did, if they existed, come from the members funds not from Mr. Marsden.

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