iDRAWGiRLS - Gold Collection 2012 - Tutorials
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Genre: Video Training

Body & Figure Tutorials:
iDRAWGiRLS - Female Figure Fusion I - Draw and Paint Body Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Female Figure Fusion II - Female Body Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Female Figure Fusion III - Painting Female Body Tutorial
iDRAWGIRLS - Female Figure Tutorial I - Drawing and Painting Female Body Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Female Muscle in Poses IV - Draw & Render Body in Motion
iDRAWGIRLS - Male Muscle Concept I - Draw & Paint Male Body Tutorial

Characters Design Tutorials:
iDRAWGiRLS - Archetypes - Designing Manga Caracters
iDRAWGiRLS - Dark Valkyrie - Chacarter Concept Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Imagine and Illustrated Part 1 & 2 - Sketch and Create Illustration Tutorial V2
iDRAWGiRLS - Male Character Concept I - Fantasy Art Dark WARLORD
iDRAWGiRLS - Speed Painting Technique II - Custom Brushes and Edges
iDRAWGiRLS - Steel Paladin Character Concept - Female Warrior Concept Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Style in Character Concept Art - Designing Different Style of Faces

Environmental Design Tutorials:
iDRAWGiRLS - CityScape Fusion Environment - Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Speed Painting Technique I - How to Paint Quick Concept Art in Under a Few Hours

Face & Portrait Tutorials:
iDRAWGiRLS - Face Constructed I - Draw & Render Faces
iDRAWGiRLS - Face Constructed II - Painting Portraits
iDRAWGIRLS - Face Constructed III - Male Facial Concept Design

Mecha & Creatures Design Tutorials:
iDRAWGIRLS - Creature Concept Tutorial II - How to visualize, design and paint fantasy creatures
iDRAWGiRLS - Fire Dragon Blaze - Creature Concept Tutorial
iDRAWGiRLS - Mecha Tutorial I Epsilon - Designing Mecha Robot Concept
iDRAWGiRLS - Mecha Tutorial II Androimeda - Designing Female Mecha with Foreshortening

Traditional Drawing Tutorial:
iDRAWGiRLS - Drawing Essential Creative Sketch Page I
iDRAWGiRLS - Drawing Essential Dynamic Foreshortening - How to Draw Potraits with Pencil
iDRAWGiRLS - Drawing Essential Female Figures - How to Draw and Sketch Female Figures with Pencil
iDRAWGiRLS - Drawing Essential Portraits - How to Draw Portraits with Pencil

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