Hi. Thomas at skandway.com -swedish e-currency exchanger - here.

Just wanted to drop a note that Skandway is out of LR USD at the moment, and even if our normal business normaly stays inside Scandinavia, this time I need to search outside our domain.

Skandway right now offer exchanges at minimum 1k LR USD to bank wire at 0% fee. Only if your bank account is outside EU I will ask you for a 20 usd fee.

If you are interested, please contact us trough www.skandway.com/contact.php. Our site is Swedish only, so I might need to guide you trough the exchange manually.

Skandway have been online for almost 4 years, mainly serving Scandinavian speaking customers. If there you feel any doubts about the company, then please check with Admin @ Rolclub, as we are well known to each other.