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    Default I have LR and pp

    I have LR and PP and need ap.
    If you are interested,please pm me

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    We have now introduced the escrow secure exchange within the Forum. If anyone is serious about secure exchange and wants to be taken seriously as a scam-free exchanger, you would use an escrow to your advantage....
    Esp. if exchanging is to become your business, to earn from the Internet, this is the place & service to manifest your goals.

    If you don't, it will raise serious questions about your transparency to become an honest exchanger.

    REESE offers both parties the security and privacy at the same time and if you don't trust your own Forum offering you the security of unparalleled scam-free exchange fears... then something is also wrong with your approach about doing business you are expected to underake.

    Once you are registered and qualified, you can command your status with an upper level in getting preferential business considerations.

    You receive our RE or ReM title that is placed in your profile title.

    You have faster service to offer, not days of waiting and back & forth acknowledgment with the other party, YOU let REESE take care of that in one arrangement and you get the assurance of the money you both agreed upon.

    Both parties need not worry nor need to know his or her details... its all stored with REESE to act on your behalf effectively if the other person acts unethically or dishonorably.

    By avoiding the Forum's new escrow services, others will avoid your offers too with a BIG question, WHY ARE YOU AVOIDING the escrow that is made available, right under the same roof you want to shelter from scammers or cheats and potentially lose all your efforts with time wasted at the end of it?

    Click HERE and register to be a Qualified REESE Exchanger.

    Click HERE and register to be a REESE exchange Member.

    The Admins.

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    i have 40$ alertpay not from criedt card need 35 e-gold

    PM if you interested

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