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    Default Form for Qualified REESE Exchanger

    ROLClub E-Currency Escrow Service Exchange


    PayPal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve & Pecunix
    (Unverified PayPal Account holders will NOT be accepted but remain eligible if PayPal is not included in your Exchange)

    Exchange & Compliance Agreement (PM this completed copy to Admin -YogiBrood)
    (Copy-paste as a quote in your PM exchange request)

    I, < enter here your RC username >, as a REESE Exchanger, agree to abide and honorably heed the exchange of currency under the terms and ruling which is associated to the REESE Escrow Rules on Exchange, conducted within the ROLClub Forum.

    I agree to transfer the required amount to the appropriate REESE account with the accompanied fees that belongs to the stipulated sum as is laid out on the Fee Chart.

    I have agreed to exchange the sum of $000.00 LR / AP / PP / Pecunix in return for LR / AP / PP / Pecunix. (delete where applicable)

    I am exchanging with RC member, < enter here RC member name >.

    I will transfer the following sum, $000.00 + $2.50 + $2.99 + 2.4%-3.4% + $0.30 into REESE LR/AP/PP/Pecunix account.

    The total transfer sum is : $000.00 + $2.50 + $2.99 + $00.00 + $0.30 = $000.00
    The Following Text must be included in all Transaction statements:

    “This total amount <$000.00> is in compliance to the agreed sum for the currency exchange with < enter here RC username>.” << copy-&-paste this bolded text into the transfer statement box/space and fill in the exact amount as indicated in the PM reply from REESE Admin. Zero tolerance for anyone who plans to have charge-back intentions.

    By ignoring the above requirements, my money will instead be returned without discussion, minus the Admin Fee and I will be sanctioned for the next 6 months with a follow-up fine after that period.
    Failing to abide and in breach of the escrow agreement, I will be sanctioned for 6 months and a Fine of $25.00 - Upon the lifting of the sanction, the Fine must automatically be made over within 36 hours or I lose my Qualified REESE Exchanger status altogether.

    RC Member Details – REESE Exchanger
    All details here below must be completed to qualify the REESE Exchanger status

    My Acct#:-
    LibertyReserve : < U >
    AlertPay : < @ >
    PayPal : < @ >
    Pecunix : < @ >
    First Name : < >
    Initial(s): < >
    Surname: < >
    Nationality: < >
    RC Username: < >
    Country: < >
    Cell/Handphone: < / >
    Landline#: < / >
    Email: < @ >
    Status Fee(12 calendar months): $30 + PP fee << Enforced as of the 11th member being qualified & approved.


    REESE will bear no responsibility nor be liable for any, storage or handling delays that gets disrupted by connection failure or temporary server breakdowns in any event while a transfer or exchange is in process. Both parties exchange with the sole intention to maximize individual benefit & minimize cost & loss by entrusting confidence and cooperation with REESE to assist a successful process of the exchange offered. Participating under REESE escrow service indicates an automatic compliance & full agreement to this Disclaimer and Exchange rules being applied and we reserve the right to any last minute changes made as deemed necessary for REESE to decide, impose and carry out without delay or prior notice given.

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    Dear Sir. Ron here. I just wondered if you people enjoy screwing up someone's mind. A simple 15 dollar exchange fee would be acceptable to me rather than this B/S. Life is complicated enough without having to go through this S--t. Here is what I'm talking about. Example: (PayPal < > LR exchange) – REESE Escrow Fee = $2.50 for both side.
    John seeks to buy $100 of Liberty Reserve using PayPal. Jane agrees to exchange $100 of LR for $100 PayPal.
    John transfers $100 + $2.50 + $5 + 2.4%-3.4% + $0.30 + $2.99 (PP + LR fee) into REESE PP account.
    Jane transfers $100 + $2.50 + $2.99 + 2.4%-3.4% + $0.30 (LR + PP fee) into REESE LR account.
    REESE will simultaneously transfer $100+$2.99+2.4%-3.4% + $0.30 into John’s/Jane’s LR & PP acct. respectively, Deal is closed.
    Why not just for simplicities sake say you will be charged a flat fee of 15 or whatever the damn amount is? Geezs Life really sucks. Thanks Ron.

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    Occasionally somewhere but NOT just anywhere...
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    The trouble a simplified mind fails to comprehend nor see up front is the fact that LR and PP applies two different rates and charges and is in accordance to the amount in question.

    Worst still, is with AP. I wish it was that simple. You just want a straight deal ...well, who WOULDN'T??

    You may think, you have the PP sum to just pay for what it is to be on par with another at a straight & equal exchange with his/her LR money. What makes you think, it was an easy think to gain the LR money after going thru some time to obtain it?

    Try earning 100 or accumulate $100 on LR and then submit yrself to someone wanting to simply buy off yours with an easy transfer of $100 thru PayPal's money? Put yself in that shoe?

    Now, if you say, naaaahhh, I can survive for the next 5 years without any interests to charge or make on... no one will take yr word for it let alone find you credible or trusting.

    Then comes the fact, you want to make some exchange income? Fine, nothing wrong with that to be honest. That is not the issue. You ask what you want, pay the dues accordingly so REESE too don't get swelled up or down with a loss to costs involved, which a straight fee like you simply suggest, can do away that easily... in this money world mate, it just doesn't work that way unless U R prepared to be a sucker all the way to the end... now, R U on that path???

    The other thing is, if you are not out to make Exchange a good thriving business, only get caught up with incidental needs, then you are not in real need to maintain a qualified REESE exchanger who has to pay a yearly charge to sustain this secured reputation while you only pay the incidental fees that comes with an incidental exchange, thats how business in the Money Exchange thrives in or didn't you know that much?

    Another thing about either party that calls off an 11th hour exchange agreement with some prank or rather... REESE will have to impose and compensate the losing side being the victim... it costs more to lose and penalize a REESE Exchanger for unethical conduct but it should be easier to ban and/or impose a heavier sanction on the non REESE exchanger as well...
    So, the bottomline is, the straight fee you suggest just don't carry much sense nor is applicable... its too simplified a thinking but with money, responsibility begins with secured measures taken.

    Its much easier to hoot out like the way you did... but there's more to it than meets the eye if one were to be taking a straight, honest deal for a road... and if you have difficulty with that, only YOU know why and what the reasons are. 8 out of 10 guys out there are likely scammers, question is when is the right moment to strike and with WHOM!!!

    9 out of 10 who wants to see the other scammer sanctioned and/or ban is them self a likely scammer too.

    The only chap that is principally a NON scammer is one who is NOT afraid to be subjected with a secure arrangement... he/she has no time for the cheap thrill in cheating others... its not in their blood and its simply, WRONG!!!

    Which category R U in to be honest?


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    My new Android experience, the>> Samsung S2 & this special>> APP to go with it.

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