Sane exchangers pay their customers as soon as possible, and the best way to pay is to do Instant Transfers to clients’ accounts. If you can pay your customers today, it doesn’t make sense to delay them till tomorrow.

But what if a customer is paid and they don’t see SMS alerts?

It’s not advisable that customers rely on SMS alerts alone. If that’s what you were doing, then you can stop doing that (unless you don’t care if you don’t get paid quickly).

Sometimes an SMS alert will come quickly – sometimes it will come late. In certain cases an SMS alert may not come at all.

Your cash payment may already be sitting in your account, and you mayn’t be aware and you’ll be smarting and fretting. You’ll be calling your exchanger, disturbing them, without knowing that the money is already in your account.

What can you then do? You may also want to check your email for email alerts. Banks send transactions alerts to their customers’ emails, so, if you haven’t registered for email alerts, you may want to do so.

When you receive an email alert, then you may be sure that the transaction has been done. But most importantly…

You can login to your mobile app to check your account balances and transactions records. If you’re subscribed to Internet banking, you can login on your bank’s website to check your balances and transactions history. You can also use your ATM card to check your balances at the nearest ATM machine.

When customers send us money in return for e-currencies, we don’t delay them, waiting for SMS alerts to come. Instead, we login online to check our records, once a customer claims that money has been sent. By doing this, we process their orders quickly and avoid delaying them, whether or not SMS alerts come eventually.

Hope it now makes sense to you why you shouldn’t rely on SMS alerts alone.

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