We have decided to open our products to the public, this is your unique chance to get some of the most powerful scripts
up-to-date. All 3 of our products support most of the know payment gateways, each one integrated seperately, and even supporting
SCI/API Operations (Fully Automated Payments, including Mass-Payments).

We also provide an unique Advertisment Possibilities for you, which allows you to place your Own Advertisment in within
our Product, and even to Install your Own Software within our Installation.

VIOX HYIP Suite, RETRACT Monitor, and BLUESHIFT Exchanger is the product of Devsoft Solutions development company. We
are highly-committed to deliver services, excellent in quality and cost-effective and we strive to achieve the
zenith in the thriving global IT market by Implementing Fresh & Powerful methodical to create outstanding products
& Deliver world-class services.

VIOX HYIP Suite is the best HYIP Software of the highest quality. Our script meets customer needs and allows to create
and manage their own online HYIP business site with ease. It is the professional financial tool which requires no
technical knowledge in order to navigate or work through the software.
VIOX HYIP Suite is easily customizable and hence the end user can customize the website according to his needs
by just a few mouse clicks. It is facile to use with a single administrative interface. The administrator can
control all the features with minimum server requirements.

RETRACT Monitor will allow you to run your own HYIP monitoring site in few simple steps. These sites can be
extremely popular as HYIP owners want their members to praise their program and HYIP investors want to keep up
to date with the best investments. You can make money by changing fees to owners who list their programs, selling
premium listings and newsletter advertisements.

software is the most powerful yet cost effective solution for exchange. Sell and Buy currencies
business. It provides you an automatic exchange solution in an easy fashion. If you are looking for a new, reliable
and stable income stream then we suggest you look into brief of trading digital currencies, You can run this
100% Automatic business in your home or office easily, All you need is domain name in your mind and BLUESHIFT Exchanger.

Our business prides itself on providing outstanding customer service and aiming to build lasting relationships
with our customers. We do this by providing the templates necessary for a profitable and easy-to-run business.
The majority of our clients have been doing business with us for years and are repeat customers. Our combination
of professional services, reasonable pricing, customer support and friendly manner is very rare and original in
the modern world of business. We offer cutting-edge solutions for including website design & development, Search
Engine Optimization, database solutions, software, templates and much more.


Yeey, was waiting soooooooo looong for this to go PUBLIC!!!! Huge thanks.. ;)
im one of the lucky ones who had this engine long before it went public, and the service was AMAZING. I updated my licence to public one,
and received a new free template to launch a HYIP.. great job guys!!
This one is a beast if you compare this to other CMS and scripts. By far the most powerful one i have seen open to public!
Nice CMS!!!!!! Some people are talking that there will be an Offical Devsoft Forum soon.. please pm me for info: [email protected]
Abdul Amedi:
hi i am from India and i fan of devsoft. exchanger have made me thousands and making more. please continue work good sir you change my life thank u
Christopher Fredson:
This is really best CMS around hehehe :D
Jay, Farnsworth Industries:
My new site looks very slick, just as I had intended, particularly the easy way I can update it with additional pages and my own investment plans.
You have been very flexible and acted swiftly to implement all the changes I needed. All at a very reasonable price!
It was really great working with Devsoft on my latest project. They helped me get my new program launched in
a short period of time and we have been nothing but impressed ever since. Anytime I had a question or needed
help they were right there for me.
i going exchanger, well done. amazing support and quality so far and beyond
Aron Hastings:
LOL Im so happy i got copy of this, first time those products have been released to us :D