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Thread: An idea re: LR

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    Default An idea re: LR

    This is an idea that came from brainstorming. I will carry it out only if there is demand. Now everybody knows that LR is in demand. I also need LR occasionally. Actually I can get LR at a reasonably good price, but it takes a rather long trip for me to reach the source. Getting LR while sitting before a ****** costs more. I am ready to do the trip from time to time if there is reasonable demand (not very big amounts.) I can offer the option of direct deposit in my US bank account, or payment by personal check mailed to my US bank. It's a major bank with branches all over the US. Interested people can email [email protected] . Naturally, this option needs some patience, but you can trust me 100%. Haven't decided the rate yet..

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    I am new in this forum and I found this is a very interesting place. I am so new so I can't begin to trade with big cash but have no fame. So if you got kind heart and you can help me. Plz help me in this first time.
    I will pay you thru Paypal, exchange rate is 10LR = 12 Paypal ( or more if u want ). I can also pay you thru bank transfer.
    Thank you admin, thank you all of you

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