We accept a lot of customer payments in e-metals and exchanging them back to USD has proven to be a time consuming and expensive hassle. The money changer I was using has quit offering inexpensive ACH, so I'm looking for a better way to do this.

Ideally, I would like to find someone with a wells fargo account in the USA, so that we can use their web site to exchange funds. There is also a western union around the corner, and I can pickup that way.

The whole point of this will be so we can avoid all the exchange fees.

I currently have about USD$1000 in e-gold, some e-bullion, money bookers and LR. I want to sell it back for USD in the form of:

wells fargo web transfer
western union
postal money order

I am flexible, but you will need to pay your own fees to send money. I know wells is free. I am open to suggestions.

When you get to know me and my business, you will know that I am not a scammer. I expect the same from you. Please PM me.

Thank you,