Hi, Let me introduce myself.
my name is ben alize, I am in the online bussiness since i was sixteen (6 years ago (: ). Loving to make sites. Begun like anyone else. In the gpt (get paid to). I only earned pennies there. But I really learned some stuff there like it was a learnschool. Never trust nobody (:. Yes joined alot of scams. At my eighteen I begun making my own sites. Some were better than other. My current project is http://www.guarddogmonitor.com . Its one of the top 5 biggest hyip listing sites.
I implented the design and did the code there. Now I am managing it together with my co-admin. I worked on other sites like listhyips and teamgpt. I got some experience in the field (seo, php, web languages ect/ blog...).

If anyone need help on websites building, give me a call (:

I wish everyone a good life,

ben alize