Hi there,
I come here because I was invited and ready a tread about my educational Game exists here. What is The Way 2009 cash Flow? In simple terms a powerful sequence of numbers (<30<40<>30<>) And if you play it right it will let you become rich. I am using it since the middle of 2007 and I never regret it. My thanks going to Hank, who has shown it to me, as he is using it with his stock, commodity and forex tradings it works as well with HYIP's. Why I am show it now to the public stays with the fact of the many loses people have made with SA - CAD and they lost because they played it the wrong way. There are 3 stupid ways to play the HYIP game.

1.) Sitting there and watch a HYIP for weeks and months how it performs, the time you watch it it generates for me.

2.) To put all in one Basket in the believe this one will make me rich!

3.) Not to be in control of the Finances, all goes in to one account and out of it and in the end you lose.

Since I play the game by the 30-40-30 rules I do not care about the admin, or if they are real, I just play the game my way and that way beats any casino bet.
Want to know more? Read my messages I will leave at the tread made for it and of course send out by daily news to the Members.