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    Arrow Website Multi Language Translation Tool

    Website Multi Language Translation Tool

    With this amazing tool, you can use the same software employed by US intelligence agencies, the Department of Defense, NASA, and multinational corporations like Ford, Xerox, and AOL to instantly translate your Web site into 12 different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), and Russian. Visitors will be able to click on a flag representing the language they would like to view, and your Web site will instantly be translated into that language! The Site Translation tool gives your Web site the power to communicate with the billions of people throughout the world that speak a language other than English and conduct business on a global scale.
    Jeff Bergman
    UnFranchise® Owner
    NW Professional Websites
    Affordable Effective User-Friendly Design and Hosting Services
    with Unlimited Support anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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    Wait, this is kinda cool. One question, how much does it cost?
    I have several sites, so if this thing really works, I would love to use it for my sites.
    And oh, does the government really use this because I would think that since they are rich, the would use a more sophisticated software. you know something like from google or something.

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