What is the most disgusting thing you have ever had to terminate an employee for?

“Laurie” said the voice on the intercom phone “can I come see you?” I of course recognized the voice, but was immediately concerned about the tone. “Of course you can come see me” I replied. “Are you alone?” she asked. Now I was worried, “yes, are you ok?” I asked. “I'll be right there.”

It was a girl I worked with, Jamie. She was barely 18. Her older sister worked there as well so I had known this girl since she was probably 13. She had never called to ask if she could come to my office. She just popped in.

As HR, I was worried at this point. Obviously something happened.

She came in my office shutting the door quietly behind her. She looked flushed and scared. “Jamie, what is going on?” She took a deep breath and told me through tears “Abe (not real name) tried to kiss me!”. She burst into tears and I had to take a breath and put my HR hat over my protective big sister head. He didn't just try to kiss her. He waited outside of the bathroom door until she was coming out and pushed her back into the bathroom trying to force himself on her! I wanted to beat his ass. But, I instead sucked it up. I told her we would investigate and sent her home with pay so I could question him.

2 male managers sat with me as I questioned Abe. He didn't deny any of it. He had no remorse and basically said she wanted him to do it. Mind you, Abe was 28 at the time. I was set back. “What do you mean she asked for it?” He smirked and said she had shown him pictures of her from her recent trip. Seductive pictures that aroused him. The manager of the department intervened saying “are you talking about the pictures she was showing all of us?” Abe nodded his head in agreement and tried to get the manager to agree that the pictures were borderline pornographic. The manager got immediately angry and said. “I looked at those pictures, they were of an 18 year old girl having fun on a ski trip! Dude, wtf are you talking about?!” Abe commented “you’re a man, the hot tub one.” I thought the manager was going to jump over the table and punch Abe. I should have let him.

I proceeded with the questions asking if she invited him into the bathroom, etc etc. After about 20 minutes, both managers were ready to punch him and so was I. I fired him and told him to never come back to the property or contact Jamie or we would be witnesses to have him arrested for attempted rape.

I had Jamie bring me the photos. The hot tub one? Just her and her friends faces. Nothing sexual about it. Jamie was a model and was breathtakingly beautiful, but nothing in any of the pictures was sexual or pornographic in any way. I asked if she wanted us to contact the police and she said no. She just didn't want to deal with him.

A week later, that son of a ***** filed for unemployment. I appealed and had to do a phone mediation with him and a state attorney representing the unemployment. I sent copies of the photos and witness testimony from the manager's stating what he said during the investigation. After the call, the attorney called me back and said he should have been arrested! She was beside herself at his responses “the pictures” he said “were an invitation to me to have her”. Disgusting man.

The story doesn't have a happy ending. Jamie (real name) passed away from an overdose of prescription meds about a couple of years later. RIP my friend.

Edit- I appreciate some of your edit suggestions. This is very personal story to me, so I'm not going to change it. Sometimes you need to read between the lines and hold back the need to correct others.

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These are the strangest things happening in Nigeria

What is the strangest trend in Nigeria?

You're born.

Your parents (& society) raise you.

You go to school & church.

Some of us do exceptionally well at school.

All we get for that is applause from our schools, peers, family & immediate society.

We have no Research & Development agencies to utilize those exceptional academic talents.

Maybe…just maybe you get lucky to be hired by some big organization where your talent is reduced to company revenues.

Oh! He works with Shell or Standard IBTC bank!

But you don't actually create anything. You'd be lucky if you're allowed to still think outside the box or flex your intellectual muscles.

We have no one seeking for those talents to utilize for some greater good of the country.

But we have people hunting for beauty & power.

Then what happens?

We tell them to get married!

We tell everyone to just strive to provide for their (future) families!

**** the society! Just get married!

Father & aunt are dying of cancer. The potential for cancer cure is in you but all everyone worries about is marrying you off. They just don't know any better.

The entire society, both the young & old haunts/scorns your very existence until you get married.

In all our lives, we're taught our duties to our parents, elders, priests/pastors, church/God but none about our society/country.

I've never seen any sane society which only admires intellectual talent like it's a tolerable pet but does nothing with it.

Nigeria does it, every day!!

When those gifted Nigerians become frustrated with the system & walk out, we open our borders wide & help them leave.

Then ready our mouths to claim them,

“Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chimamanda Adichie, Sade, Asa, Nas etc. are Nigerians”

How we love finished products?!

Just like we consume the Gucci & Fendi……

Don't we just love not putting in the work but getting all the benefits?


It is the strangest trend in Nigeria.

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