48 months of revenue sharing beginning on first month of sales (projected to begin March 1st. 2008) All sharing on gross company income. Simple math figures, 1st year 4%, 2nd year 3%, 3rd year 2%, and 4th year 1%. Convertible to stock is negotiable after year 1 in exchange for revenue contract, current valuation would apply. Open to anyone in the world. All transactions in USD. Goal is IPO, all books have been kept in accordance to going IPO in the future. This company is a start up internet company aiming at interaction, B2B, B2C, C2B. All concepts have been evaluated and the company has many investors to date, some very well recognized names in finance have given the green light to investors. (due to respect these names are not available) We are looking to secure $450.000.00 USD to complete development, testing and begin our sales campaign. Of course we are still high risk so we are looking for risk takers. The highest reward comes from the riskiest venture. We will not entertain VC firms so please do not contact us. According to our projections, (and they are nothing more than projections) it is quite possible to receive your original amount back by years end or slightly there after, years 2, 3, and 4 should be a healthy bonus! We have been programming and researching this project for 3 years and are currently in the final stages for launch. This company has 12 full time employees, which most are degreed professionals. We have several strategic alliances with other companies to cross promote. We also have many very popular athletes and entertainers to assist in promotions as well as the interest of a few politicians as we aim at safe secure environments. We are a 3 year Nevada based C-Corp with offices in southeastern USA and an international office. It is possible to break this offer into 6 units of $75,000.00 for each unit. The percentage of each unit is based on the whole package, or one-sixth of the whole. This is a no-refunds offer as all funding will go directly towards completion of the project. A 25% override of needs has been calculated in as an under funded project is a dead project. If you are not 100% serious please do not waste your time or ours. You will be a silent, limited life, partner with no obligations beyond your initial involvement. All required documentation will be drawn up by our law firm and forwarded to you after a receipt of a 25% non-refundable deposit. Please contact if you are interested in the entire package or the units option.