Hey I'm new here on this discussion board I have been a long time lurker and today have a relevant problem that i expect some of you fellows can sort out. I was on the look to locate a few reliable and honest offshore company incorporation professional, since I live in Spain and don't wish to pay the excessive taxes here then I went using Costa Rica Corporation, will likely not post a link to avoid to become considered spammy, now these people said that for my requirements Could not use them nevertheless preferably need to look at certain incorporation in another offshore jurisdiction such as Malta, at this point I recently found the website Offshore Company E-Book which is an appealing site has numerous information about this topic, what interest me is actually, if some of you can actually identify just how I can help to eliminate my tax without having going the offshore approach or if Cyprus truly is one of the location I should try to look for ? My requirements are to pay a minimal taxes possible, need bank account with internet banking and a credit merchant account to take credit card payments for my Footwear shop. Many thanks in advance.