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    Red face Maliki: We will not accept the election outcome

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the unexpected results of the elections for the Iraqi people, pointing out that there are violations and evidence cast doubt on the work of the Office.

    In response to a question by a reporter about his opinion whether the results of the elections would be approved, he replied: "Obviously we will not accept the results of history."

    Maliki said that these voices are the voices of the people, can not be tolerated in this subject.

    Maliki stressed the importance of the recount in order to make sure of the results, until the peaceful transfer of power

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    perhaps if he would have done more the last 4 years while he was prime minister for his people ;the race would not have been as close....instead he played politics,refused to vote on the oil law that has been in front of their parliament since Feb.2007,and in essensce failed to bring Iraq anywhere near where there potential is...and because of that ,the people of Iraq have voted ....change might help....its time to quit taking lil baby steps and time to be held accountable...heres to a better future for the Iraqi people....and with it a healthy RV...GO DINARS...Pat

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