Iraqi legal expert predicted in War Constitutional Affairs Tariq vote of the Iraqi parliament to pass a security agreement between Baghdad and Washington within the next week. The war, who heads the legal culture in Iraq in an interview with the agency (AKI) the Italian news Friday that the "rejection of the draft agreement And return to the government once again a remote possibility, a premise would be to vote to accept the draft Convention, which requires a simple majority of the number of attendees, if imposed

120 deputies attending the consent of 71 is sufficient to pass the project during the voting session, which will be in accordance with the rules of procedure of Parliament, which requires four days to read the project for the second time. "

The war that "all the conventions of the United States of America with the nations of the world which has not been granted all the rights and privileges available to Iraq," and explained "When we review the Convention US-Japan US-German or the Convention and other conventions, we will find that the termination required the consent of both parties to do so, While the "Sofa" stipulates that the Iraqi government the right to terminate the Convention as soon as a request to the U.S. administration so, perhaps the introduction in the early and even before the end of 2011, a deadline set by the Convention for the withdrawal of U.S. military "from Iraq

The expert noted that the legal and constitutional "the Convention from what the pros did not have international conventions in this regard, in the Introduction to read the item had no right to any U.S. troops to any military or security functions as the Iraqi government does not agree, as well as to confirm the withdrawal Outside the Iraqi cities by the first of June, "he said. He added, "As for the Iraqi funds in global assets will lose it as soon as a UN immunity repeal section VII of the UN mandate, there is provision in the Convention obliges the United States to the passing of UN Security Council resolution recommended that mechanisms such immunity to the claims of individuals and corporate debt and compensation, as has U.S. President the right to issue a presidential order not to hear compensation claims in U.S. courts. "

If signed, the Convention Iraqi-US security will put U.S. troops in Iraq after the UN mandate expires with the end of the year and the year 2011 is the proposed date for the withdrawal of another U.S. soldier from the land of Iraq if Baghdad did not decide otherwise.