I haven't really been following this thred- actually not at all..But, anywho's, I was doing some rummaging around in the rats nest of my computer room and stumbled across an old Iraqi Dinar note(one with Husseins picture on it) and was curious if it has any value? I am sure it has no REAL monetary value, but maybe it might have some value as collector item? It is in near mint almost non-circulated condition, real straight and clean..Any value, or just colored funny paper? It is a Twenty-Five Dinar bill.

I also found some old Kuwaiti Dinars in the same little bundle..A 1/4, 1/2,1, & 5 Dinar note along with a Saudi Arabian 1 Riyal note..Any values in these?

These were all found inside the folder for a 2nd Anniversary Commerative note for the Liberation of State of Kuwait :)