If you need to know what deleting of the three zeros means look no more i have it all right here.



if you go to each link you will see what all the exchange rate from old to new is 1000 to 1 new looks familiar ? Iraqi Dinar http://goo.gl/d9CeSH

Venezuela - http://goo.gl/bhNxtF

Indonesia - http://goo.gl/RFyUFb

Mexican peso - http://goo.gl/PzwPlf

bulgaria lev - http://goo.gl/MdyD8V

Russian ruble - http://goo.gl/8N1tva

Israel shekels - http://goo.gl/oNsF16

Paraguay guarani - http://goo.gl/AvsKKg

Brazil Real - http://goo.gl/Tsi2ur

Colombia peso - http://goo.gl/X59Q6I

Zambia - http://goo.gl/2SHK52

Afghanistan - http://goo.gl/m8kXn4

these are just some

Mahma Khalil Member of the Iraqi Parliament and official spokesperson of the Economic Committee says an agreement has been reached about the mechanisms of introducing the new banknotes after a series of meetings and discussions with the CBI Governor Dr. Sinan Al Shibibi.

He added the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000

yes Dr. Sinan Al Shibibi is not the gov of the cbi anymore but Abdul Basit Turki Saeed is

his take on the dinar is to Redenominate aka delete three zeros on the iraqi currency link here http://goo.gl/B8VBsH

Governor of the Central Bank Abdul Basit Turki Saeed said the deletion of zeros is a necessary and useful step to restructure the currency and the economy," noting that "the relevant committees in parliament, called for the need to wait in the project, in order to provide the right conditions and time.

2010 Document - Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction to The United States Congress

Dinar Redenomination

The CBI has announced that it intends to implement a long-planned Redenomination of the Iraqi dinar by eliminating three zeros from the nominal value of banknotes.This process is meant to ease commercial
transactions by reducing errors and confusion that hyper-inflated currencies often cause. Now that Iraq’s inflation rate has achieved a level of stability, the move could serve to bolster confidence in the
country’s currency.