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    Default Central Bank is to increase and improve the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar

    Quote Originally Posted by Seaview View Post
    Among the other treatments mentioned by the Governor of the Central Bank is to increase and improve the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar, which is helping the development process, since the prices of imported goods and equipment to Iraq will depreciate in front of the dinar
    Thanks Seaview!

    This is the most important statement of the article!

    I've waited almost 4 years to read these words from Shabibi. This is one of the most fundamental benefits of, and logical reasons for an RV. It's also the biggest reason there won't be a lop.

    I agree that Iraq has to rebuild it's industrial base but in order to get there they have to import everything. At the current rate, importing supplies for Iraq's reconstruction will send inflation through the roof. The solution? Dramatically increase the dinar value. Even Shabibi sees it now!
    Please, somebody shoot the messenger!

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