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    Default Recent 3 Zero Currency Lop Example Of Interest


    For those who keep bringing up lop, here is a current example proceeded by 20% inflation rate, but with a history of failure when any currency is lopped, makes you wonder why it is constantly mentioned about Iraq dinar? VZ is an example of how not to run a country.

    This is an example of smoke and mirror currency exchange to try and fool people into thinking the gov. is proping up currency value. lol

    But Venezuelans can rest easy. Their president unveiled the “strong bolivar” yesterday … behind armed guards:

    The “strong” bolivar… same inflation, less bothersome zeros
    The new currency is the same as the old, save the three zeros lopped off the end of every denomination. The move is supposed to simplify consumer finances and accounting and boost confidence in the currency. Yeah… smart move… because every other president in history who’s tried to manipulate their currency has been successful. Go, Hugo.

    The new and improved bolivars will be set at 2.15 per U.S. dollar. According to CNN, this morning, the black market rate is hovering closer to 5.60. In 2007, inflation in Venezuela rose over 20%.
    Our hero…

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    Kind of puts the lop theory into perspective.

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