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    Default MoreThanTraffic - Get paid an EXTRA $100,000 US Dollars

    Great News

    Have you got a web site or business?
    Would you like to get more sales and not pay a cent until you see results?

    Pay us on results then, we don’t charge in advance.

    Only pay us when we deliver you €89,000 profit…

    It’s revolutionising the way millions of people get sales.

    No more advertising bills ever again.

    All you need is a web site. Any web site qualifies for our ‘pay
    on results’ service…

    Not only does flood your web site with endless ‘long term’ targeted traffic to create HUGE profits for YOU. We also generate our affiliates MASSIVE recurring incomes.


    Clients get continual vertical ultra targeted ready to buy search engine traffic for 12 months. Clients will experience HUGE extra profits from their business web site before paying us any service fees using our unique ‘pay on results’ payment model. The €89,000 target will be hit 95% of the time in month four and monthly thereafter for the remaining eight (8) months. Clients pay MTT a service fee of €13,350 each time their site hits €89,000. If we fail as per the usual 5% actually do, we won’t charge you a cent for 12 months of endless vertical ultra targeted ready to buy search engine traffic.

    As a client YOU don’t have to;

    Cold call anyone to get another sale or sign up…
    · Hard sell anything ever again…
    · Market their web site, business, services or products anymore…
    · Advertise anywhere ever again…
    · Buy keyword advertising ever…
    · Learning anything new…
    · Mail a thing…
    · Email anyone at all...
    · Pay anyone to market their site…
    · Pay a SEO for site optimization…
    · Buy sponsored links…
    · Waste anymore money…
    · Pay for advertising in advance…
    · Pay for traffic that doesn’t convert to 1000’s sales or sign ups…
    · Do or worry about their marketing for 12 months…
    · Worry about spam – we don’t email anyone let alone send spam…

    Clients are getting RICH… Affiliates are getting RICHER!

    Want more information? Send a Private message and I will reply almost instantly.

    __________________________________________________ _______
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    Default Pay on Results only..

    You can get big income as affiliate:

    We reward our affiliates with extremely HIGH ONGOING ‘non-stop’ commissions. Introduce a client to the lowest MTT traffic package and get paid a seriously BIG combined commission of over €534

    We pay YOU for EACH order:

    Between €89 and €649 once off commission (OOC) for every order...
    Between €89 and €649 OOC every time an affiliate in the level below you orders...
    A sixteen week bonus of €445 every sixteen weeks for EACH order...
    €9 override for every order made by a client or affiliate in your down-line...
    Plus YOU get:

    15% of EVERY client’s traffic is routed to your web site to join or buy…
    100 EXTRA guaranteed sales are delivered to your web site…
    REPEAT the above for each 12 month re-order your client makes…
    Your MTT income is going to be HUGE and ONGOING, month after month. All you need to do is get it started...


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    Any success stories?

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    Default Did Anyone get in on the $60K offered to affiliates of MoreThanTraffic?

    Hi, I am an affiliate on MoreThanTraffic and just received the special offer from Simon to us affiliates for the $60K deal. Did anyone take him up on it?

    I am very interested and yet I still am not certain this is program is for real because I have never heard of anyone making the money Simon claims he can get anyone for the $169.00 you pay for having your web site promoted in this program.

    So, what does anyone know for certain?

    Margaux Gold

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