Hello Everyone,

I am looking for people that DO NOT want to work.
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You DO NOT have to do your own expensive hit & miss Advertising

You DO NOT need to purchase expensive Leads

You DO NOT have to speak to any of the Prospects

You DO NOT need to make any phone calls or do 3-way calls

You DO NOT have to do any Presentations or Explanations

You DO NOT need to Answer any of your prospect\'s Questions


The Explicit Promise is made that you:

WILL NEVER have to do any Selling or Closing

WILL NEVER need to do any Cold Calling to anyone

WILL NEVER need to do any Calling of Prospect – period

WILL NEVER need to build or program any Websites

WILL NEVER have to design Auto Responder Messages

WILL NEVER have to Drag your Prospect’s to Conference Calls


All this Because

The Company does absolutely EVERYTHING for you 24-7
The Advertising is done FOR YOU by the Company
The Filtering of the Prospects is done FOR YOU by the Company
The Personal Follow up, via Phone, is done by the Company

And yet, you will still EARN
a staggering US$3,000 (ÂŁ1,725, Euro 2,500) per sale

YOU will earn a Powerful Residual of $3,000 again and again

And to really Top it Off

The business is 100% RISK-FREE because your Purchase is
Secured with a 100% Warranty Backed by a 12 Year old,
Debt Free Company.

A company that has never received a single complaint.

It does almost SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, doesn’t it?

Take a look. Watch the movie.


Maryellen Malack
[email protected]