Please read below carefully:

As far as the Oil units ( Plan B ) are concerned, they are still available @ $100 per unit. We cannot give an exact cut off date to the purchasing of Plan B units as yet, but in speaking to the ventures operators, they are seriously looking at a cut off date for the sale of Plan B units between now and March 20-2006. Once the cut off date for Plan B units is announced, there will not be any more Plan B units available.
If you are interested. send e-mail to: [email protected] with " info, Plan B"
In the SUBJECT LINE. In the BODY of your e-mail, write:
Sponsor ID: U001031
Your Full Name.
Your E-Mail Address( Do not use yahoo or hotmail, Safe-mail is OK)
Your contact address.

They will e-mail the instructions to apply for the membership.

good luck.