I have a great idea I want to share with all of you. I just purchased 15,000 opp-in leads of people interested in hearing about an online income opportunity. I sent out a promotion letter, and they are starting to answer.

I want to build a 2 X 9 forced matrix. This is so cool!

To keep Plan4Power a (one-time out of pocket cost), we are paid into Phase II out of the eBook sales. Two eBook sales make enough income to pay for 3 months in Phase II, at which time we all SHOULD have 2 people follow us in, and that will pay for our monthly subscription in the first Phase II product, so we continue having no out-of-pocket costs. Get the picture? (NO more out of pocket cost!!!)

Even the people on our team who cannot recruit stand to earn a nice
income just from being part of our team and getting spillover. Even if you only earn an extra $100 to $350 per month for a while, wouldn't you consider that a pretty nice return on a one-time $25 business expense? I know I will.

The income potential ... because we will be paid into multiple
businesses as a team ... is FANTASTIC!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: PM me with your info...I will need your name and an e-mail I can reach you at. First come first serve. I will e-mail you the url
of the person you will be purchasing the e-book from. Working as a team, we should be able to fill a number of 2 X 9 matrices in 3 months. Together we can do this! We will have fun, and we will make many $$$$.