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    Default What is a "Matrix Flip"?

    Ever wonder what a matrix flip is? What are the advantages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxie
    Ever wonder what a matrix flip is? What are the advantages?

    It sounds like the Golden Womb all over again. (g) The reverse, or flip matrix has been tried many times, and in all cases, they have failed. I use to research and develop compensation plans, and I always felt there had to be a better way, but even when you put a plan on paper or under computer analysis, the one thing you cannot factor is human nature.

    If we lived in a perfect world and everyone follwed directions, then you could design a successful plan, but without the absolute following of plan, it all means little to nothing and they all will fail. Sadly, most people quit, and even with the best plan, this factor alone undermines the success of such plans.

    Yes, they sound good, and all new deals need a twist to attract attention, just as GW/PI did, but it only works so far. Figure out how to make everyone follow plan and then you have something to talk about. I have seen them all, and just as GW failed, so too will all such plans.

    Happy Holidays to All, Mike

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