The most secure investment programs only allow a certain
number of investors and only require a certain amount of
money to pay the investor's returns.

If you are involved with a program that requires constantly
recruiting new members then you must also know that it
will fail to produce a long term income unless you work
it everyday and even then it is just a matter of time before
your income fades away.

Over the years I have invested in many programs and the only
ones that are still paying me are now private and generate a
monthly income I could only dream about a couple years ago
and since adding Global Online Depository to my portfolio the
sky is now my limit.

Global Online Depository is not a MLM program that you have
to tell anyone else about if you don't want to. You will earn
dollar you invest even if you don't tell anyone what you are doing.
You just make more money if you do.

Anyway, I met with Buck Hunter the CEO and 3 of the other
main people from Global Online Depository. One is a former
Judge and one is a retired record producer who produced Willy
Nelson's first 3 albums and the other was a numbers guy.

I found out some interesting information when we met in Kaslo
last week. Buck has been in the auction business for many
years and manages to get between 10 times and 50 times his
investments back every month and is using the money raised
to buy more inventory and take Global Online Depository to the
next level which is a NASDAQ traded company.

I also learned that when Global Online Depository reaches
1000 members they will be shutting the doors and going private
and only existing investors will be allowed to reap the benefits
of this offer.

The goal was to raise $500,000 but one person has already
invested $200,000 herself and another has put in $150,000 so
they have almost reached their target and it could go PRIVATE
at anytime.

In order to receive the shares you need to invest at least $500
but you can start earning interest for as little as $10. The best
strategy is to make regular deposits so after 12 months you
will be getting regular payments when they mature.

Each Dollar invested with Global Online Depository is SECURED
by actual Product Inventory pledged with a Promissory Note and
a Security Agreement and pays up to 1% a day compounded.

You can sign-up for free but you won't earn any money until
you make an investment. Details HERE:

Get back to me if you have any questions.
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