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    Default Biggest Opportunity Of My Career!

    This is the biggest project that I have worked on
    in my internet career.

    This is a forced matrix opportunity offering huge
    revenues for top positions. $200,000 to $2.5 Million
    cash in 6 months for each leader if we hit our mark
    between now and January, plus huge monthly checks!!!
    This is not a typo either it is FACT.

    Click on my home page for webpage

    Bottom Line...

    I am looking for 3 leaders who will commit to
    bring in at least 3 of their own leaders as soon
    as possible... preferably in the next few days.

    There will be one other conference call this week
    with potential leaders. You will be able to have
    your questions answered direct by the owner of
    the company at this time.

    What is in this for you ?

    Potential 7 figure Income Per Year through partner
    bonuses, equity bonuses, matrix bonuses, software
    sales and other amazing perks.

    Click on my home page for webpage

    Why You Should Be Involved ?

    >> Money - There is not another opportunity that
    will pay you this much so quickly.

    >> Exclusivity - The Country Club is the only
    Network Marketing Online Gaming Company.
    4 new games to be released in 2006.

    >> Stability - The Parent Company, MVP Network,
    Inc. is an 11-year old company.

    >> Clients - Country Club has contracts with
    Yahoo, Microsoft, NFL, United Way, etc.

    >> Market Potential - The gaming industry was
    a 24.5 Billion Dollar industry in 2004 and
    is predicted to be 55 Billion by 2008.

    >> Low Entry - Only $99, plus $19.95 a month.

    >> Global Opportunity - Open to every country
    in the world, including China and India.

    >> Team Opportunity - Our team model utilizes
    a compressed forced matrix, rewards active
    participants with a residual income, and
    eliminates dead spots. Our team has exclusive
    software which is directly connected to the
    company database.

    How Do I Become A Leader?

    Simply, sign up here and follow the instructions:
    Click on my home page for webpage

    Call this conference number at
    9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific
    1pm Sydney (next day), 10am Singapore (next day),
    2am London (next day) Tuesday or Thursday
    (641) 297-7200, Pin 293192#

    Or listen to the recorded call:

    RECORDED CALL: This is not a referal link. It is only a link to audio recording. This call is vitally important to understanding the breadth of this opportunity. Please don't pass this by. Give it a chance by doing your research.

    Click on my home page for webpage to sign up

    Those that get in now will be making $200,000 to $2 Million
    with in the next 6 months. We are on the right team at the right place.

    To our success!

    Best regards,

    You may also PM me for questions. I will send you my contact information from there.
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    Default Why Our Team will help you succeed

    BizBuzz is our team's marketing arm for TheCountryClub. BizBuzz will be available next week. Right now we are using OnlineGamingFortunes as our marketing referal link and lead capture page. For now, you are signing up here: Click on my home page for webpage

    Once you sign up at Online Gaming Fortunes, you then follow the steps to sign up at TheCountryClub. Getting in now is best because every minute you wait more people are coming in ahead of you. You will still be put in BizBuzz once it is available and you position will stay the same. Next week we will have BizBuzz as our affiliate referal link and lead capture page. I saw the bigger picture immediately, that's why I went ahead and got in. I am still learning the details and things will evolve as we go along. What BizBuzz is offering is phenomenal.

    Bizbuzz is the Ultimate TOTAL Marketing program for every marketer. We have the most comprehensive system, tools, training, leads, and even guaranteed signups in the industry.

    We have put together only the Best to offer. The best replicated web site! The best replicated lead capture pages! The best Spam compliant, autoresponder and mass mailing system! The best leads available! The best tech support and training!

    The best True income generating programs! The best guaranteed signups! The best Period.

    We have the ONLY Flawless matrix and commission structure. Everything the people do above you helps and everything below you helps! It is designed to help everyone make money. Your only goal here is to get 3 personal paid members. That is it for ever! WE give you the tools, services and leads to succeed. No more headaches! Sit back and watch the income grow!

    WE have designed the bizbuzz program and system to not conflict with any program you are working. WE have not designed it with a multi tier commission structure. That may cause conflict with programs you are currently in. WE offer the largest commissions for personally referred members, with guaranteed signups for all members who qualify!

    WE have designed a system that can generate huge incomes for you WITHOUT you having to Recruit, Maintain, and Build a downline! WE do all the work for you! Your only job here is to use our system to get 3 personal members and get upgraded to Gold!

    That is it. Use our system to get 3, bring 3 of your own members, or buy 3!

    Once you have 3, you qualify for all the services and Phase 1 of your million dollar income!

    There are 5 levels to enter Bizbuzz Free members, Silver members, Gold members, Platinum members, and Diamond members


    Free members have access to the following:

    - Best replicating lead capture system, with replicating website and pages

    - Best mass advertising blasters available

    - Tools, training materials, support

    - Position in forced matrix which will grow quickly and create a huge downline potential

    - Best free autoresponder available

    - Able to upgrade as silver or gold at any time.*

    - Use our prospecting and lead system to get personal members in to automatically upgrade.**

    - Have access to our forum and conference system

    *Upgrade to 19.95 a month silver membership at anytime

    ** Free members have access to our replicated lead capture pages which they can promote to enroll personal members. Once they have 3 paid personal Gold members they will be upgraded to Gold and will then be placed into our Phase 1 program that will build them a lifetime income! Bizbuzz may provide an opportunity for you to purchase a paid member!

    *** Free members will have the a chance to upgrade to Gold when someone in their downline upgrades. This will allow you to keep your downline intact and not lose any members to a Gold above you.


    Silver members are members who pay 19.95 a month to use the services of Bizbuzz. They may or may not want to enroll personal members. They will have access to over $8,000.00 of tools, training materials, services, and leads!

    Silver members have access to the following:

    -All the programs, services, tools, and products for Free members!

    -Mega autoresponders Send out 10,000 emails a day without any Spam issues!

    - 50,000 leads a month! Triple opted, Silver and Gold leads *

    - 5 guaranteed signups!**

    - Replicated lead capture page rotated by Bizbuzz to capture company leads!

    - Access to Our 1 Click send mass advertiser! This sends your ads to over 3,000,000 active members a day!

    - Access to Bizbuzz World Advertiser! This is the Best mass advertiser. Sends to active marketing groups, Paypal members, Yahoo members and Groups and many more. Over 20,000,000 a day!

    - 2 Banner ads on our World billboards!

    - Enroll 3 paid personal Gold members and automatically upgraded to Gold at not cost! No more monthly membership fee!

    -Earn 10.00 on all personal paid members!

    -Much much more!

    * Silver leads are people willing to invest 250.00-500.00 on a program.

    Gold leads are willing to invest 500.00-1000.00.

    ** Guaranteed signups are guaranteed to sign up for a free membership and above. These signups are willing to invest a minimum of 250.00 on a program!


    Gold members are members that have paid a one-time 99.00 membership fee.

    Gold members have access to all that free and silver members have plus:

    -Receive 33.00 for every personal paid member they enroll!

    -Bring in 3 personal Gold members and automatically upgrade to Gold+ and enter into Phase 1 for No cost! Save 99.00! We do the Rest! Watch your income grow into real wealth!

    - 1 entry into Bizbuzz's monthly contest for Paid Signups, leads, cash, and even Gold! and 1 entry in our yearly car draw!*

    -Minimum of 250,000 leads, a month, Minimum 50,000 silver leads, 50,000 gold or above leads!

    - Mega autoresponders load 50,000 leads a day! Maintain upto 5 campaigns at once.

    -Bizbuzz will automatically load leads into autoresponder for you!

    - Receive 20 guaranteed signups!

    -3 Banner ads in Bizbuzz's world billboards and safelists!

    - Receive corporate real time prospects and leads.

    -More rotations in Bizbuzz main site!

    -1st Access to all upcoming new programs, services, leads, and signups!

    -Upgrade automatically as Platinum and Diamond member and access into Phase 2 and 3 as your personal paid members increase! **

    * Bizbuzz will hold monthly drawings for Free leads, Signups, cash and Real Gold.

    There will be an annual drawing for a Hummer H2 just like the one Featured on our Website. You may select another car of equal value. These contest will begin after Febuary 2006. The annual drawing will be End of 2006. More details will be on our website in the future!


    Platinum members are Gold members who personally enroll 6 paid Gold members

    Platinum members have access to everything Golds do plus:

    - 300,000 leads a month! Minimum of 100,000 Silver and 100,000 Gold, and minimum of 10,000 platinum leads*

    - 25 guaranteed signups with 5 guaranteed upgrades

    - 2 entries in our monthly contests and our yearly car draw!

    - 250.00 membership fee into Phase 2 millionaire program! Normally 500.00!

    Save 250.00!**

    -5 banner ads in any of our safelists, world billboards, forums, ect..

    - Premium website rotations producing the most personal Bizbuzz real time prospects!

    * Platinum leads or people who are phone interviewed and are willing to invest 1000.00 or more for a program

    ** Phase 2 Millionaires program is the ultimate program! It provides the member a position into the Ulimate Forced Matrix. This program will provide weekly and sometimes daily deposits into your bank account, Stormpay or Paypal account!

    Best of all you have to do Nothing! You can promote to help your matrix, but it will grow and pay you on its own! This has been tested and proven!


    Diamond members have personally enrolled 9 or more paid Gold members!

    Diamonds get evrything that all the other members get plus:

    -350,000 leads with a minum of 15,000 platinum leads!

    -30 guaranteed signups with 10 guaranteed upgrades

    -Free entry into Phase 2 Millionaires program! A 500.00 entry for Free!

    - 3 entries into all our drawings and contests!

    -1st rights to positions and programs we head into in the future!

    Bizbuzz has assembled a team of Professionals to market the entire Bizbuzz Program and system. This is the Ultimate System tries, tested and proven.

    We have carefully selected only the Most Respected and Easy to use programs.

    The only thing that you need to fully succeed is 3 personal paid members. Once you have that you have completed your task. Thus, we say Get 3 and it is Free. We encourage everyone to enroll more. That will help the entire team.

    We have brought you a system and program that allows everyone to succeed and get paid and actually make a profit!

    *The Phase 1 program we are marketing is with an 11 year old US Company that is on the cutting edge of technology. It is the simplest program without inventory, volume requirements, shipping problems, and all the usual problems every program has. It has potential to pay multiple ways and multiple times daily! You have a current account that is updated daily with payments.

    You need to read and understand everything then make your decision! Every day you wait, Over 300 people will join. Just think if you get in now.

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    Default I'm So Excited!

    I am so excited that I can't even sleep! This is going to be the opportunity of the century I tell ya it is! If you haven't gotten on board you need to!! If I can answer any questions for you I will be happy to try!


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