Make money with Google Adsense without Google AdSense account
No Need of Google Adsense Account
We Proudly Offer 250% Return With Guarantee

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Long time ago Google AdSense already stopped offering domain parking to ordinary adsense clients but domain parking is still available through Google business partners like Name Drive, Sedo, GoDaddy, Bodis, etc.

Anyone having established domains can park domains at these sites and make money. So in fact he/she is parking domains with google through these sites. Still Google ads are displayed but through these business partners.

What we do / How we generate earning?
We have tried different domain parking companies and finally we found one company that’s big business partner of Google and also individually its also big name on Internet. We are doing Domain Parking with them since January 2014 and till August 2016 we have generated $15,000+ earning in different accounts and also received $9,000+ earning with proofs.

Accounts Maintained: 10
Earning Generated: $15,000+
Earning Received: $9,000+
Earning To Be Receive: $6,000+
Earnings Received By: Paypal (but from now onward only Bank Wire option is available)

Earning & Payment Proofs!
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What we do!
  • According to account size (investment amount) we buy 30-50 new domains
  • We choose high paying niche domains of different niche/industry
  • We park these domains at our selected company
  • This company does not check domains strictly and google ads are shown in just 1 minute
  • We send our working/real traffic to these domains which produce guaranteed clicks
  • We send google adsense impressions to domains through our traffic control system to adjust CTR %
  • We send all traffic by “empty/blank referrer” that’s called direct traffic
  • According to size of account we receive up to $100 daily earning on parked domains
  • We use one account for maximum 2 months only
  • Any one can open account at that company and receive earning by bank wire

Return Offers
200%-250% Return. For example invest $500 and get $1000 earning in 1 month. Visit my site for more details

How Do I Get Paid!
  • Minimum payout is $1000 via bank wire (earlier it was minimum $25 via Paypal)
  • Earning generated in August will be paid by the end of October (55 days hold period)
  • You can open account with name “A” and receive earning in bank account with title “B”. Unlike Google AdSense its not necessary to receive earning in same name bank account as parking account title
  • Earning is also paid by Cheque.

Payment Methods
BitCoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, Western Union, Bank Wire (Paypal & Moneybookers with conditions)

Please visit link for more details make money with google adsense