Finally a 100% sustainable new Revshare in Pre Launch
Hi Team!
StartRevShare is launching on 2.11
It is a brand new revshare with a completely new business model!
About SRS:
150% Revenue Share On Every Ad Pack Purchase
Fast Payouts Within 24 Hours!
Unique Sustainable Concept
Meet The Admin
$250+ per Day Stable Income?
Learn Why StartRevShare Will Blow All Other Revshare Sites Out Of The Water!
The site works similar as other Revsharing sites, so you can buy ad packs and they will pay you 150% back on your purchase.
So what makes this site different?
They won't solely rely on the ad pack sales to pay out their members, but are building a complete network of sites that generate revenue. The network will consist out of:
Social Media Platform
Marketplace (like Fiverr)
Crowdfunding site (like Kickstarter)
Coupon code website
Search Engine
Revenue from all these platforms will be shared among members who buy ad packs on StartRevShare, which will create a 100% sustainable business model.
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