Hello to all, its been so long since i come back to this HYIP forum, im was here when PIPS took out almost $300M in people funds, anyway just to know im an old member.

Im introducing to people whom are interested in earning a real business opportunity, real product and not any get rich scheme or ponzi scheme.

This is a real opportunity to invest on soybean producction in South America, i have several years of experience on the area so i know what im doing.

In simple terms, if you invest $500 you will receive approximatelly 270% minus 30% of honorary fees, all this in the term of 1 year.
When i say "approx" it could be lower or more, that depends on the weather conditions and the soil too, but its very accurate those numbers.

The offer will be splited in 6.000 shares of $500 each share, each investor will receive a receipt of payment and will receive access to our private web page with all the financial and technical data of the production status and update.

Once the 6.000 shares are sold, the offer will be locked for new investors till a new window of investment is open.

The introducing web page will be up in a few days with more details.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reply with a simple text saying "interested"