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    Default Offline Secure Trading Programs

    I've been lucky enough in the past several months to get to know several people with direct contacts with traders/program managers of these lucrative trades, so I decided to join forces with them to offer this opportunity to the general public and hopfully try to redeem what we have put into losing programs.

    The purpose of this is to offer such opportunities on a win win basis to people who want to diversify into REAL money making opportunities and know that their initial capital is safe. Much like the 3% program that BM was talking about.

    I will send a report about these Trading Programs to anyone who requests it from me by skype; ID: legaleagle05 and please register your interest by sending a blank email to the email address in my sig.

    If you have the cash to get into any of these programs, I will get you in contact with the people to get you started. If you do not have the cash, then you will be able to pool together your money with others to achieve the trade min entry to participate until you can do it on your own.

    Extract from report:

    Also referred to as a secured asset management program, this is an investment vehicle commonly used by the very wealthy where the principal investment is fully secured by a Bank Endorsed Guarantee. The principal is managed and invested to give a guaranteed high return to the investor on a periodic basis. There is no risk of losing the investor's principal investment.

    This investment opportunity involves the purchase and sale of Bank Debentures within the International Market in a controlled trading program. The program allows for the investor to place his funds through an established Program Management firm working directly with a major Trading Bank.

    The investment funds are secured by a Bank-Endorsed Guarantee by the Banking institution at the time the funds are deposited. The Investor is designated as the Beneficiary of the Guarantee unless otherwise instructed by the Investor. The guarantee is issued to secure the Investor's principal for the contract period. This guarantee will be Bank Endorsed with the Bank Seal, two authorized senior Officers' signatures, and will guarantee that the funds will be on deposit in the Bank during the contract period and will be returned fully to the Investor at the end of the contract term.

    $250K to $10M, yields 560% to investor, 240% to intermediaries (4 +) every 35 bank days, blocked funds in investor’s account. At end of May, this was backlogged 2 weeks. Need LOI before presenting to co-facilitator.
    • $250K yields 80% gross per month (75:25 split with intermediaries). Re-entries permitted. Blocked funds in US. Funds are never moved, liened, encumbered or hypothecated.
    • $400K yields 600% in 15 weeks, joint venture, IBC required.
    • $400K yields 11:1 gross per month. Meet with Trader in London. Investor maintains control of funds.
    • $500K yields 30:1 in 3 weeks, blocked funds.
    • $500,000 - $5M, yields 50% per month, 10% goes to intermediaries. Guaranteed by 106 CD. Must commit funds for 6 months. Re-entry possible. Program may close soon.
    • $500K yields 10:1 per month, blocked funds, leveraged, re-enterable. (T-3)
    • $500K yields 100% per month for 11 months. Blocked funds.
    • $500K yields 10:1 per month, with disbursement within 1-3 days after program submission. Blocked funds in Trading Bank’s sub-account. Trading Trust is in US. Has been paying out since beginning of May.
    • $500K - 999K yields 80% gross, 48% net per month for 10 months. Protected by 106 at the top, and SKR for the small investor. Up to 45 day waiting period for aggregation. Paying out.
    • $500K yields 10:1 in 90 days, blocked funds, paying out.
    • $500K yields $4M per month, protected by 106 CD. Re-entry may be possible. Provider pays intermediaries. Swiss Bank. Will not stay open very long.
    • $550K yields 300% - 400% in 45 days. Successful track record, 2 years.
    • $650,000 minimum, pays 10% per month, compounded.

    • $750K - $1.25M yields 40% gross, 30% net per month. T-Bill and two other forms of security on principal. Paying out since September, 1997.
    • $1 million minimum, yields 40% gross profit, every 2 weeks for 40 weeks. With re-entries, the yield is approximately $20 million. 75:25 split with intermediaries. Investor’s funds are blocked and non-callable (i.e. - controlled by investor in investor’s account). Guaranteed, good track record. Broker has numerous other programs, mostly short term.
    • $1 million minimum. Yields 40% per month. Re-entries allowed. Good track record. Guaranteed. Has been paying out for last 2 years. Broker is direct with trading group. Ongoing.
    • $1 million minimum, blocked funds, yields 100% in 15 days. Compounded for an indefinite number of cycles. Secured by Treasuries.
    • $1 million minimum. 80% per trade, approx. 3 trades/month.
    • $1M, yields 450% in 10 weeks, principle guaranteed by Insurance Co. for 170%. (May be closed).
    • $1 million minimum, returns 210% per week to investor. Investors funds are un-encumbered, secured by Pay Order. Intermediaries receive 90% per week.
    • $1 million minimum, returns 100% gross, 70% net per week for 40 weeks. Bank leveraged and blocked in Luxembourg.
    • $1M, 420% net return (600% gross) in 16 banking days (3 weeks), bank guarantee for your funds, two bank pay orders for returns.
    • $1 million minimum. Returns 50% per month, re-entry/compounding permitted, ongoing. New York Bank - blocked funds. Investor works directly with Trader. Broker is very highly regarded.
    • $1 million minimum. Returns 200% in 60 days. (4 installments of 50% every 15 days). Investor deals directly with Trader and Banker.
    • $1M yields 270% in 15 days, Bank to bank, 6 re-entries possible.
    • $1M yields 750% per month, blocked funds with leverage.
    • $1M yields 455% in 40 weeks, blocked funds, investor’s own bank.
    • $1M yields approx. 18:1 in 6 months, payments every 5 days.
    • $1M yields 20:1 in 40 weeks. Leveraged at 1:10. Disbursements are 100% gross, 70% net per week. Secured by Attorney Escrow Trust. Has been paying out for 1 year.
    • $1M yields 100% gross, 70% net in 6 days. Then 500% gross, 350% net in next 10 days. Total is 420% net. Secured by Bank Pay Orders. No need to travel. New program with experienced Traders.
    • $1M tabletop yields 100% in 6 days, 500% in 12 days. Reliable Trading Group with track record. Broker is direct to Program Manager. Will probably close by end of June.
    • $1M yields 300% gross, 210% net per month. 106 CD from major Canadian Bank. 5 re-entries allowed.
    • $1M yields 30% per month. Must keep funds in program for 1 year. No compounding. Blocked in investor’s own account.
    • $1M yields 12-15% gross per week. London based, blocked funds.
    • $1M yields 6.5% per week gross, 5% net. funds remain in investor’s account for 1 year. Paying out.
    • $1M yields 60% gross, 45% net per month. Secured by UK Solicitor’s Indemnity Fund. Re-entries allowed. Paying out.
    • $1.25M yields 35% gross per trade, can immediately discount each trade 90%, and do 3-8 trades per monthly cycle. Can re-enter 2 more cycles. Principle is protected by 106 CD.
    • $1.25M - $2M yields 50% gross, 37.5% net per month. T-Bill and two other forms of security on principal. Paying out since September, 1997.
    • $2 Million min. yields 50% net to investor in 60 days, 25% to intermediaries. Can compound up to 1 year. Program has been in operation for 3 years. Funds are placed into Attorney’s account, and principle is insured by attorney (with Bank Official as a trustee).
    • $2M - $10M yields 60% gross, 45% net per month. T-Bill and two other forms of security on principal. Paying out since September, 1997.
    • $2M yields 500% gross in 4 months. Trader’s bank is in Germany. Investor can block funds in his own bank, provided it is one of the major banks. Excellent Trading Group.
    • $3.5M yields 125% in 20 days, blocked funds, US T-Bonds blocked 380 days.
    • $4 million minimum, pays 600% every two weeks, two additional “rolls” (cycles of compounding) available. Managed by one of the top banking families of Europe, with assistance of one of the top 5 Traders.
    • $5M leases $100M for 5 years, available for trading programs.
    • $5 million blocks, returns 800% - 1,100% in 40 weeks.
    • $5M to $10M, yields 75% per month, 10% goes to intermediaries. Guaranteed by 106 CD. Must commit funds for 6 months. Re-entry possible. Program may close soon.
    • $10 million minimum, returns 200% in 10 days.
    • $10 million minimum. Earns 20-30% per week. Ongoing.
    • $10 million minimum. Program pays 300% per week, compounded. 200% to intermediaries. 10 re-entries permitted. Opens in July.
    • $10 million minimum, returns 150% in two weeks. Can be re-entered (compounded) two more times
    • $10M, blocked or 106, 15:1 net per year, discountable within 10 banking days, bank-guaranteed pay orders.
    • $10M yields 320% in 10 days, discountable pay orders, 106 CD, re-enterable.
    • $10M yields 225% in 5 days, bank to bank, blocked funds if $15M and up.
    • $10M yields 800% in 10 months, Swiss Table Top, discountable 106 CD and PO’s.
    • 10M yields 20:1 gross, 15:1 net per year, or per 10 days discountable. Blocked funds in client’s own bank, or 106 CD. Four re-entries allowed. Bank Guaranteed Pay Orders. Must travel to Europe.
    • $10M yields $674M in three 3-day cycles. Secured by 106.
    • $10M min., $1M increments, yields 500% net to investor every other day, through 90% discounting. 8-10 re-entries, then may continue to re-enter under a different entity. Principles only. 10% to intermediaries, 10% to Trading Group, 10 % to Facilitator. May close shortly.
    • $10M yields $63M gross profit in 45 calendar days. (This is a 10 month program yielding 700% which is discounted 90% in 45 days to give the above yield.)
    • $10M yields 200% per week for 20 weeks at Citibank, or 40 weeks at Barclays. No compounding. Blocked funds. 80:20 split on intermediary fees. No project required.
    • $10M tabletop yields 32:1 net in 3 weeks. 80:20 split with intermediaries. Secured by 106. Strong program.
    • $10M yields 100% net per month, 10 re-entries. 106CD at Swiss Bank.
    • $10M yields 80% gross, 68% net per month. Paying out.
    • $10M yields 50% gross, 40% net per month. Paying out.
    • $10M yields 250% gross in 3 months. europe or US Banks. Paying out.
    • $10M yields 70% per week, compounded up to 23 Trades.
    • $10M yields 250%x3 trades, then 750% x1 trade. Blocked funds.
    • $10M yields 500% per week, compounded for 3 weeks. Blocked Funds or Bank Guarantees".

    The above trades are to be used as a guide only because they come and go all the time at varying entry amounts and returns.

    Please register your interest by sending a blank email to the email in my sig.

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    Do you still have access / contact
    to traders associated with these
    trades ??
    Please comment...


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