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    Default is this for real

    15th April - the latest ...

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    Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 4:15 am Post subject: 15th April - the latest ...


    Hello everyone.

    This is the first step in halotto for organised promotion. I encourage you ALL to sign up. Please read carefully Bryans information below ...

    Hi Everyone,

    I have got some really good news this morning.

    I am working with some of the really good networkers and the first one is coming in.

    Frederick Mann, who I have known and worked with previously over the last 4 years has agreed to work with us at HA Lotto.

    Frederick is the owner of Bigbooster, MonsterPrelaunch and TEM.

    He has agreed to put HA Lotto in to TEM as one of the back-end programs which will be available to the total membership, currently at 26,000+

    We will also be putting together some special promo pages to go up on their site.

    From our point we also need to do some reciprocal work, which means getting as many of our members into MPL and TEM.

    The good thing about this is that it is free to join and through TEM you will get your downlines building with people that are networkers and very interested in working online. These members can not only be used for your HA Lotto downline, but for other programs that you may be in as well.

    Frederick is pretty good at networking and this is a great downline building opportunity for us all.

    I have already joined MPL and TEM, so the next step is for you all to follow and then watch your HA Lotto downlines start to explode.

    To signup go to:

    It will take a little time and reading to realise the full benefits of MPL and TEM because there is so much there.

    Look forward to seeing everyone in.

    Still working on some other BIG DOGS.


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    yes it is

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    Bryan posted that information in this thread titled "Things Are Looking Up".

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