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My name is Thomas McPherson and I am the Administrator of TheDollarDiggers.com. I started with online investment programs 1 1/2 years ago after I decided to stop working as a Seaman. I used some of my earnings to play with programs offering high and low ROIs. I even tried my luck in Forex trading. I am also into Cyclers, Doublers and even Matrices. You can say that I tried every online programs that promises to give fortune to its members. I win some and I lost some. Then 3 months ago I start studying how to run an Autosurf program. My first plan was to run a Cycler program but I changed my mind when I saw that many Autosurf programs are closing down each day and only less than 10 are doing good. I want to be part of the less 10 and will do my best to be one of, if not the best, better programs. I will plead to you all to help me achieve it.


The Dollar Diggers is designed to help you bring more quality web traffic to your websites and at the same time give you the chance to earn daily fix percentage by being an Upgraded member.
Upon sign up you will automatically receive 100 credits that you can use immediately to advertise your websites. Both Free and Upgraded member can earn from clicking the Advertisement in the Paid to Click area once every 24 hours. You can earn from $0.01 up to $0.10 per Ad you will click there.

To earn percentage you must purchase at least 1 Ad Pack unit worth $5. This will give you a daily fix earning percentage of 2% for 15 days once you are done visiting 15 websites of other members for 10 seconds each manually. Each Ad Pack unit will give you 200 credits that will boost traffic of any websites you will advertise with us. After 15 days we will return your principal money. However, you can request your principal to be withdrawn anytime but if you do it with in the 15 days period, you will only receive 50% of the amount of your principal.

We also offer Referral program to members who wants to promote their The Dollar Diggers referral link. Once someone joins under your referral link, if you are a Free member, you will receive 2.5% commission on every unit of Ad Pack they purchase and you can request cash out of your commissions once you already have $5 in your account balance. If you are an Upgraded member you will receive 5% commission on every unit of Ad Pack they purchase and you can request your commissions and percentage earnings once you already have $1 in your account balance.


The Dollar Diggers also offer Advertising only to those who just want to advertise their websites. We offer different ways for your websites to receive top notch traffic.

Here are the Advertising locations we have:

A.) 468x60 Banner, 728x90 Banner and 125x125 Banner in Homepage.

B.) 468x60 Banner and 728x90 Banner in Members Area

C.) 468x60 Rotator Banner in Surf Page

D.) Website links in Surf Page

E.) 125x125 Banner, 120x60 Button, 468x60 Banner and Text Links in Paid to Click Area.

If interested, please send us a Support Ticket for the prices.
Soft Launching of The Dollar Diggers

The The Dollar Diggers is now open to the public.We are now accepting sign ups and Advertisers are welcome to buy Advertising Spots from us.

A member can purchase maximum of 40 Ad Packs ($200) during Soft Launch.

Full Launch is scheduled to start on June 1st where members can purchase up to 200 Ad Packs ($1000) with daily maximum purchase of 50 Ad Packs ($250). The limit will change while the number of members gets bigger.

Thomas, TDD Admin

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.