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    Default No Timer Faucet + Many ways to earn More.

    No Timer Faucet: 0.004$/0 min. +
    Daily rewards.Auto faucet, PTC,Short links,Lottery,Offers,Dice & More.
    Minimum: 0.01$
    BTC,BNB,Doge etc., Instant to FaucetPay

    Register &Confirm email.
    Register Here

    Claim FREE 100 satoshi Every Hour-NO Captcha[Click on " wallet " & on" FREE BTC "]
    With level up for ex: bronze[By getting points with each bet] hourly reward will be200 satoshi.

    Claim $$ Every 15 min.+
    Daily rewards.
    Auto faucet, PTC,Short links,Lottery,Offers
    Dice & flip games & More.
    BTC & usdt Instant withdrawl to FaucetPay

    FREE 0.017 Doge Every Hour---No Captcha---No popups---No Signup

    The BEST Piad to surf Program!

    Earn BTC with Peer2profit---$ 0.8 / 1GB
    By sharing your Internet.

    Traffic rates:
    residential: $ 0.8 = 1GB
    other networks: $ 0.3 = 1GB
    Min: $ 10 to your BTC wallet.

    FREE $5
    Make passive money online by sharing your internet
    Auto pay.

    IP Royal(LEGIT)
    Passive Income.Up to 140$/month
    Just need to download app.[windows or linus,mac.]
    Nothing else to do!
    No ads -No tasks.

    Min:$1 (PP or BTC)

    EIFI FINANCE Airdrop
    1EIFI(now 1 EIFI=74$ -Already traded on pancake)

    EIFI tokens will be available for withdrawal to BSC wallets after the start of public trading on exchanges in mid-August.
    Register Here & follow the simple 2 or 3 steps.
    Contract address to add on bsc smartchain: 0xbbf33a3c83cf86d0965a66e108669d272dfe4214

    FREE 1700 DLRS (Free dollars from Yobit Exchange)

    1. (no need of step 1,if U already have yobit account)
    2. Then click here to start the robot:

    0.02 BTC Giveaway[LEGIT]
    Win 2,000,000 satoshis in a giveaway

    The terms and conditions are very simple
    Only for their facebook subscribers
    To be a subscriber click
    & scroll down and click 'latest news' & click the link in ' guess the price ' news & go to the 0.02 btc giveaway post.

    Free bonuses-(No invest)-Instant to FP-Min-Passive Income+Payout Proofs
    Passive Income with Banana Cash.
    Bonus : 500 coins(to buy the first tree) & Daily Bonus.
    You need to log in and activate the tree once a day.
    Tree auto produces coins(bananas) every minute for 24 hrs.
    By completing tasks we get more coins and can buy more expensive machines.
    Min:0.02$(Instant to FP,Payeer,PM)

    & Similar Site

    Passive Income with Duplinow.+Daily Bonus
    Bonus :500 coins(to buy the first virtual machine) & Daily Bonus.
    You need to log in and activate the machine once a day.
    Machine auto produces coins every minute for 24 hrs.
    More coins with with daily bonus & offers.More ways to come.
    Min:0.02$(Instant to FP,Payeer,PM)

    Signup Bonus-$6.67.
    (to see 6.67$ click on 'USD' on dashboard)
    Earning Features:

    Captcha Entry Job
    Data Entry Job
    Social media job
    Reward Centre etc.,
    Payout Options: BTC,Paypal,Indian googlepay,paytm &Indian bank transfer]

    Easy Money $$$ with Watchhours--[LEGIT & PAYING]--$0.005 - $0.015 / Every 45 sec.
    Earn from $0.005 to $0.015 /45 sec.of 1 video & No forced viewing+
    Other ways like subscriptions,YouTube likes,lucky wheel,lottery.

    No need to watch the video and be on the site , money is added to the balance.
    Instant Payout to Payeer.

    *Earn more on subscriptions,you only need an API key.

    No timer manual faucet
    Claim 50Coins=50 litoshi every 0 minutes.
    PTC,auto,shortlinks,Lottery,Dice etc.,
    Min:10 coins (LTC Instant to FP)

    Earn Watching short videos
    +Many coins with PTC & Shortlinks too.

    Minimum: 1 coin (Instant to FP,Paypal,payeer,coinbase etc.,)

    500 litoshi-LTC/1 min.+Faucet & More ways-Payout Proofs.
    Earn LTC in Many Ways with with[LEGIT &PAYING]
    Faucet - 200 litoshi every 5 min
    Play and Earn - 500 litoshi per 1 minute of play, limit 40,000 litoshi per day.&
    PTC - up to 290 litoshi / 60 sec & offerwall etc.,

    Spin Every 2 min. & win BTC(40 to 100 coins / each spin)
    No captcha.-No popups -Instant - FP
    Also,PTC,Shortlinks,challenges etc.,

    Doge: Notimerfaucet/doge/--Up to 0.04 DOGE every 0 minutes-Instant to FP

    Doge:Emerald- No Timer Faucet-Claim up to 1.18 Doge Every second-Instant to FP-No popups

    Doge:Digitask-0.0024 doge Every min.

    TRX: Notimerfaucet/trx/--Up to 1.18 TRX every 0 minutes-Instant to FP

    LTC: Notimerfaucet/ltc/--Up to 0.000076 LTC every 0 minutes-Instant to FP

    LTC: Ganarbitcoindesdecuba--Up to 0.000076 LTC every 0 minutes-Instant to FP TRX satoshi every 5 minutes--Instant to FP

    Claim 0.001 doge.
    Instant to FP 0.00100000 DOGE Normal Payment 11th June, 2021

    Faucet-up to 5000 coins
    Viewing ads, short links, polls,daily bonus

    Min: 1000 coins-BTC/LTC/ETH/Doge etc.,
    DogeMate 0.08640076 DOGE Normal Payment 10th July, 2021

    FREE BTC Every 5 Min.
    Or Claim accumulated coins at any time!
    No minimum
    Instant to FP.

    Can withdraw BTC/TRX/USDT

    No Captcha
    30 min Multi coin faucet-BTC,ETH,LTC+more +
    PTC+short links+ offers +more ways!
    Instant to FP

    Inbox Cash ---BTC to click emails!Min.0.01$ to FP,PM,Payeer--No captcha!No popups.

    Inbox Cash ---Get paid to click emails!
    BTC for just clicking email ads (Legit)!No captcha!No popups.
    Receive daily emails from advertisers with links.
    Just click the daily links & get paid!No captcha!No popups!
    Min: 0.01$ (INSTANT to Faucetpay,payeer,PM, etc.,)

    Cointiply- Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin.
    Faucet+multiplier+Offer walls+Games!

    Free 100 coins with Sign Up
    Loyalty bonus
    Earn a bonus when you roll a prime number.
    Hundreds of offers to choose from on our offer walls.
    Watch short videos and earn Bitcoin.
    Complete short surveys for huge Bitcoin rewards.
    Earn Bitcoins for Playing Games
    Rigister HERE & Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin!

    Satoshi Hero & Monster--Two Twin Sites (Legit & Paying)
    Spin the Wheels & Win Satoshi (Up to 250k satoshi!)---No Time limit---No Captcha!
    Twin Sites
    Now Spin the Wheel &Win satoshi(Up to 250000 satoshi!)
    No Time Limit!No Captcha!
    +Nice Lottery+Bitcoin Dice+ Slots

    Min.30000 sat.

    1.HERO :Register Here:

    2.MONSTER: Register Here:

    Claim 200 Milion coin airdrop-Instant to your binance smart chain wallet.

    Listing on pancakeswap on 20 th July
    Click or copy paste in trustwallet dapps.
    Add token to see your 200M SWORD contract: 0x17dD6e742A5324D3F1B2b242374fc01Bc61ee56d

    Globalreserve Airdrop-33 GLOB ($85)(Already on exchanges)
    Withdraw on July 12, 2021

    Claim 600 CERB-worth $37 - Instant to your binance smart chain wallet.
    Listing on pancakeswap on 13th July with 4% auto liquidity!

    Click or copy paste in trustwallet dapps.
    Click connect to your smart chain wallet
    Scroll down & click airdrop
    Add token to see your 600 CERB using contract: 0x313ebed9092B49C6E404C61Ca883eC3ED88E9C62

    Decicoin Airdrop
    Reward: 0.01 DEC ($ 40)
    1 DEC=$ 4,000 Now; DO NOT MISS
    Note :

    After the telegram tasks,we need to fill out a google form here:

 25 BTC-O with Sign up.DO Not Miss.High Potential Coin.

    FREE 25 BTC-O coins for just Signup.

    Bitpax Exchange-NO KYC (Pre-Launch-18days left)
    FREE $50 worth tokens just for Signup-No Tasks

    BPAX coins operate under the Proof Of Ownership Protocol,
    Total supply of only 820 million BPAX coins.

    FREE 500 BRMT worth $25
    &Other ways to earn more tokens.

    Make Easy Money(No Limit)with,#1 Portal For BTC and Crypto Lovers!
    Sign up Bonus:500 points & Many Many Easiest Ways to earn!
    Points can be exchanged for crypto

    Big.Byte.Block(BBB coin)-FREE $5 &Auto Earnings with Node!(Legit Passive Income)
    Earnings with node.
    1st node for FREE
    Earn up to 500% until node expires.

    More ways to earn.

    PRESEARCH- ( 1 PRE =0.00002670 BTC-On many exchanges already.)
    FREE 25 PRE for signup+0.25 PRE for every search+Many Many Ways to earn!

    Spin the Wheel &Win up to 15k $-BTC & Many ways!-Daily FREE Spins(LEGIT&PAYING)
    Get daily free spin news letters in email & Spin The Wheel of Fortune.
    Also,Claim FREE satoshi --Up to $200 worth BTC Every Hour +Weekly BIG Lottery (up to 1 BTC !) & Many many other features!

    Min:30000 satoshi (Instant & Slow)

    Free-Up to 200$ / Hr - LTC & ETH &TETHER(USDT)----100% Legit & Honest Admin.
    ETH: Win up to 200$ worth Free ETH Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!--Min: 0.00020 ETH

    LTC--Win up to 200$ worth Free-Litecoin Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!- Min: 0.00020 LTC

    TETHER(USDT): Win up to 200$ worth Free TETHER(USDT) Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!--Min: 0.5 USDT

    There are two ways to earn with this site.
    1.Click: FREE BTC[LEGIT]--Claim up to 1000 satoshi Every Hour
    Scroll down and click 'BTC Faucet'
    Close the tab.
    2.Then CLICK HERE
    3.Click affiliate program tab and register
    Can Promote your links to earn with 3 level referral .
    FREE $ PM/Payeer(sign up +monthly reward) & (method for passive income in BTC for FREE!)Details in the chat here: OR if chat not seen,use the box here:

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    ADSFORFAUCETS-NO TIMER FAUCET IS SCAM--I'll update if they are paying.
    FREE $ PM/Payeer(sign up +monthly reward) & (method for passive income in BTC for FREE!)Details in the chat here: OR if chat not seen,use the box here:

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    PTCadviser| LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | 7 Years Making Money Online!

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