Dear Members.

Rolclub is in the process of launching its own payment processor. Like paypal & Alerpay.

If you help us with picking a domain name that we would like to use, you will have a chance to win $100.

We picked the name the same way. Our members suggested this name. = Rents on loan Club.

We are now looking for a domain name for our comming payment processor that will beat any prices
in the whole industry. It will be like Paypal and alertpay. We are working on its legal side & setup at the moment.

Please use: or to find a domain name that is available
for registration.

Kindly post the domain (as many domain name) in this thread as you like:

We hope to see your contribution. Winner of the contest will be contacted via e-mail and
paid the money asap.

You have nothing to lose. It will be fun. All members and moderators can participate.
(Try to pick a name with least characters as possible and a .com extension).

Best Regards

A domain name is a internet address to a website, like our's has .
If you need more information on what a domain name is: