Warning to all infiltrators = Trolls!

I haven’t taken any action against anyone for a very long time!
This is because i do not like to remove people!

But believe me on this. There are many infiltrators on our and other forums, just trying to confuse us all, and make this place a battle zone!Many of our readers that just need someo information have been PM'ing me for a while about taking this matter into consideration.

Many posters have gone to fare! From hereon anyone trying to make any confusion on rolclub.com will be removed.banned, Ip banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will soon have to implement Proxy Ip blocks!

We have several normal and nice readers that simply get confused. I guess we have do to something to not confuse them anymore.

In here you will have to follow the rolclub.com rules, and if you make any confusion for anyone, I will BAN YOU without any warning whatsoever!

This is something i have to do now, as we have to clean up a lot of posts and threads for some time ahead!

Sorry it had to be this way, but there are no other options at the moment.


DO you feel like getting back at the trolls! Lets clean them out from this forum, and make rolclub.com better place to be.
Please partisipate in this thread ... Here is the link.