This site is build in a extreem hurry just to offer all members of pips a place to discuss whateven they might feel after pips is taking off all forums from all their sites. simply a new site. Keep in mind that this site will NOT tolerate any attacks on PIPS. And Neither on this forum.
If we find such thread in this forum, We will simply delete all those threads.! Got it.

Please be peacefull and help each other out here insted of complaining about Pips. This sites main purpose is to let you have a place where you normaly can go and talk with other members about pips investment.
If anyone is to post something bad about the pips program, or attack their integrity, they will then loose the username, be ip banned, so please dont even try, as we will be really strict with this!!!!!!......

We do not have anything to do with pips managment nor their development, and do JUST offer this site as a unofficial forums for all member to talk about all they might feel, simply a Pipster Home ;-).

We do not allow Exchange Threads, all such will be deleted.
Its also not allowed to post link nor promote other forum here.

Please keep this forum clean, as this site is only ment as a help site for all you frustrated Pipsters, and we remind that all questions that are related pips, should be taken directly to them, as epicpay.com does not have anything to do with non of pips programs, nor do we take any responsibility of their actions.

You are all welcome to join up. Please SPread the Word abot epicpay.com.
Since this forum is just a talk related forum, we do not allow it to be closed, as no one has the rights to so.
Keep it clean.