could somebody please lend me 10 usd egold. i have 4 usd and some change in my egold account and i want to make it up to have a run at dadndave 12. i have been completely wiped out by some of these scams and failure lately and i thought i would just ask. there is nothing more to this than just me asking for a small loan of 10 bucks from one person only. i will pay it back after about 3 upgrades with 50% interest. all i am asking for is a loan so for all the cynics around here please dont start unloading insults on me, just ignore me. should you decide that you would like to help me please pm me and i will give you my account #. as soon as you decide please post under this thread that you have loaned me the money because i dont want to be seen as taking advantage of anyone. i only need 10 bucks from one person and i will post a progress report on how i am doing with the investment. thank you very kindly.