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    Default I started to look money with a new view

    I love Hypes with a new view a while back. I have read tons of articles on success with them. I have played the game and both won and lost mostly lost.
    Then I figured out that I loved the rush of playing so much that I needed to figure out how to support myself and my habit. So this is what I'm doing.

    I joined this community that is still forming in-fact a marketing community. I just read a thread on combining your funds as a group to get more points and a better return on your money that is what got me started with this post.

    Support yourself with this and you will have more than enough money to play with.

    This isn't a Business or a Company

    Check This Out!!! Then tell me that this isn’t Smart!!!

    This is a simple program, if you are actively marketing on the Internet; it will be easy for you to add us to 'the mix'. We will work with you to not only diversify your current portfolio of business, but to shorten the time it takes to develop the more attractive levels of residual income from your on-line efforts.

    We are also unique in that we are not a company or a vendor. We are an organized group of Internet marketers.

    We have a one time out-of-pocket expense of just $25.00; there are no recurring fees when you follow the simple Plan4Power. The expenditures you do incur, as you move into higher monthly income levels, are from the profits you make,,, and we get right to work earning those profits.

    Just a thought

    The Plan4Power Marketing Group
    Must Have a PLAN
    For more information
    Visit us on Our Debt Free Life forum
    Our Debt Free Life :: Index
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    Making money is a spiritual experience.
    Empower the Impoverished Working Class
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    Why don't you take a look at what I am offering ? Please see : Business Angels wanted. 150% ROI over 6 months. Not a great return, I admit, but it is SOLID and you get the methods of investment after 6 months.

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