Nearly one year old now Asian Pay is worth at least a look.

Based in Thailand AP is a real business with a real bricks and mortar office and enjoying the approval of the Thai authorities. AP is more than just an on-line payment processor, it is also an e-currency exchanger and runs its own LYIP’s. The interest paid from the LYIP’s is generated in house from the various charges that are made for e-currency exchanges and other site activities.

The LYIP’s range from 3 weeks at 0.5% to 72 weeks at 1.5% with a varying minimum and maximum deposits. Interest is paid direct into your AP account on business days only. You can withdraw by whatever means at any time. Once in a while no new investments are accepted to prevent the system from overheating. It is currently in such a situation until 9th August. However interest payments are still being made daily.

Site security is excellent and to enjoy the full facilities on offer a prospective member will need to have their identity verified. This can be done by sending scans of appropriate documents like passport, utility bill etc. by email or fax.

Banned countries are:
Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Russia including all the countries previously recognized as U.S.S.R with the exception of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Most countries on the continent of Africa.
Please contact us to ask if the African country you reside in is on our prohibited list.

Your home snail mail address has to be in the same country as your ISP otherwise your application to join will be turned down. This can happen if someone’s ISP is NTL and they live in Eire.

I’ve been with Asian Pay since the beginning of this year and come next Monday I will be in profit and still have $1,100 in a 72 weeks Gold Plan.

You can read what some of the current members of AP have to say about the site at GoldenTalk - The best forum about HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) - Asian payment processor (paypal, e-gold, intgold to cash)