I would like the ability to help other people. Especially starving people that don't have much and are dying.

However, one major factor is first I have to help myself and help other ROLclub members become successful.

That is my first goal, make sure everyone becomes a successful FX trader with very little effort and with no time spent studying charts, graphs or anything that may add difficulty. I'm only asking for $10.00 per member which will give someone like a prize from $2,789 to $10,789. This is a true and honest effort to help rolclub members grow financially.

I can not advertise on this link but please visit my advertisement in the advertising area (I really do want to help others). That will give details and my contact information.

It is really nice to see ROLclub continueing efforts to help us all grow however one thing we need to do is make sure us ourselves are financially stable before we can help others.