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this might be of great interest for you!

The incredible amount of traffic this company offers is derived from expired domains. Everyday at least 20,000 domains expire which

a) are already listed on all major search engines and directories

b) most of them were high ranked listings for years thus they bring an incredible amount of traffic with them without doing anything, without the hard work of programming, without paying thousands of dollars for web design, search engine optimization, web submissions etc.

How come that domains expire?

a) the owner has no interest or no money to keep his web project
b) many domain owners simply forget to renew their ownership or miss to pay for a renewal

NO low budget traffic!

All Marketing offers for all sorts of categories traffic campaigns, from A like Advertising over H like Home Business to W like Wedding. So when you have a website on "how to make money from home" you would choose "Home Business" or "Income opportunities" as your category, an All Marketing employee will nonetheless check your website in order to deliver even more targeted traffic for your campaign. This all ensures that your site is not visited by people who look for bathroom accessories! :lol:

Gambling sites

When visiting above website make sure you choose the appropriate section which can be confusing the first time you do this.

Scroll down a bit to find "International Gambling - 60 Days Delivery" and "Gambling Visitors - 60 Days Delivery" sections. For Halotto we can't use the other targeted sections as for gambling apparently other rules apply.

You can choose from a few countries selected, however, I'd stick to only english language countries. Depending on your budget you may select between 5,000 and 50,000 targeted visitors for a 60 day period. No matter which quantity you choose, for this amount of traffic it won't cost you an arm and a leg :-)

Expired domain traffic is a hidden niche and not many web******* and internet marketers will tell you about this! However, those who know about it, buy traffic like crazy and that's why you'll see that the 7 day campaigns are currently out of stock and only 60 day campaigns are available! But I'll show you a tip here:

When you make your purchase and checkout you'll find a dialogue box where you can write a comment. Write into the box: Priority Account - This way All Marketing will boost your ad campaign and accelerate it!


Make sure the websites you submit don't have pop ups. If they do then you have to choose from the "Unlimited Pop-ups" section which costs a few bucks more.

Yes, you can submit ANY website to them as long as it's not against their TOS (e.g. adult sites) and yes you can also submit affiliate links, means you don't need your own website! ;-)

Now I gave you a way to get insane amounts of targeted quality traffic for reasonable prices for not only your Halotto link but for all your other programs you are affiliated with. I have had some good success with them and I suggest you seriously consider this source of traffic for all your marketing campaigns.

Visit the website in my profile or PM for link.

To your success

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