Swords have been playing a significant role in numerous movies that have done great at the box office and hence the replicas of these movie swords are very much in demand. They are popular and in demand amongst both the movie enthusiasts and the sword collectors of all age groups. Much emphasis has been laid on the minute details of the movie swords and hence they are the exact copies of the original props that have been used whilst the filming of the movies and also as collectibles that can be proudly displayed.
The token guy who is a part of our group made the suggestion of the Serenity role playing game that is a loose adaptation of the movie titled Serenity and the television show that is named Firefly. Since all of us are huge fans we all reached the consensus that a whole new gaming system should be tried out, with a new universe and also a new prop system. For those of you who are unfamiliar regarding the aforementioned movie and the TV show, it is a science fiction show that has the theme of a Western character in space. There are humans who are shown to have colonized space and some of the planets are shown as being more civilized than the others. In this universe there are lots of guns, horses and also lasers.
There is one thing that definitely needs to be done and that is to get aboard the black pearl ship. The respective black ship is the one that has on board a guy who is playing captain hook. Not only is he very funny but also very entertaining. His first mate is the character of a midget who in his own right is very funny. There is a friend of mine who at one point starts yelling "the plane, the plain", which a vague reference to the old television series that is titled fantasy island. This had everybody on the ship in fits of laughter.
In Naruto manga, Orochimaru gives out a call for the Kusanagi sword from a snake's mouth (the snake's head pops out from Orochimaru's mouth). Orochimaru's character is sown as being much skilled regarding snake jutsu and has been actually drawn from the serpent named Yamata-no-Orochi. In the 392nd chapter Orochimaru manages to break free from the Sasuke's control and bring to use his Hydra technique that involves his reappearance as an eight-headed giant snake.
The Bat'leth weapons are used both in the battle field and also in ceremony by the Klingon race that has been shown in the popular science fiction series titled as Star Trek. It has become much popular amongst the star trek fans. So, get your tv show swords before they sold out.