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    Thumbs up I have many cvv, and I want sale cvv best for you.

    Hello, I'm a sellers,
    my cvv are the best for you

    Ccv US is $ 1.5per ccv(50ccv and up is 1$)
    Ccv UK is $ 4 per ccv (50ccv and up is 3$)
    Ccv Ca is $ 4 per ccv (50ccv and up is 3$)
    Ccv EU is $ 7 per ccv (50ccv and up is 6$)
    Ccv Au is $ 5 per ccv(50ccv and up is 4$)
    Ccv Italy is 15 $ per ccv(50ccv and up is 12$)
    Ccv Germany is 10$ Per Ccv(50ccv and up is 9$)
    ccv Japan is 9$ per cvv(50ccv and up is 8$)
    ccv Asia is 12$ per ccv
    Ccv DOB with US is 13 $ per ccv
    Ccv DOB with UK is 14 $ per ccv
    Ccv DOB + BIN with UK 20$ per ccv
    Ccv US full info is 20 $ per ccv
    Ccv UK full info is 30 $ per ccv
    Paypal with pass email = 18.5$/paypal
    Paypal don't have pass email = 8.5$/Paypal
    I can check balance in cvv,balance will be as you like and price agreements
    if u buy over 50, I will sell for you good cheap, good price

    I only accept payment with LibertyReserve
    i will discount my price for u if u are reseller buy everyday or u buy many
    all my cvv will be tested before sell, that's sure.

    Please contact me: [email protected]
    on yahoomesenger: sellcvvgood_189

    contactme note: don't ask me for test
    i'm looking for who can work together
    Thank you very much !
    Best regard

    I will always update this article
    those who do not buy cvv please do not spam

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    Are these stolen? I think it's not allowed... silly

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