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Thread: Scamwarnings

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    Default Scamwarnings

    Hello there,

    It is nice to meet all of you here again.

    I received this in my mail. Anybody? I think this is a scam!
    Take care PIPSTERS!
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    From: Charles Phoenix <[email protected]>
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Use Picpay funds to secure your future!

    Dear Pips member

    You will be well aware that there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the Pips business at the moment and some concern about the long-term continuance of the 2% program as we know it. Communications have all but dried up and we just don’t know when our withdrawals will start flowing again.

    Clearly there are ongoing challenges within the business, the exact nature of which is known only to Bryan and his team. As Pips members, we all hope of course, that these challenges will be resolved and the various banking solutions, electronic wallet facilities, debit cards and cash-flow all materialise. We patiently wait in the optimistic expectation that all will be well.

    We all desire Pips to be immensely successful so that we can utilize the wealth it creates for us to achieve whatever goals and plans we visualized for ourselves and others. However, all the uncertainty does start to focus the mind into considering: ‘what if things don’t work out?’ and ‘How long can/will Pips continue?’

    On the positive side, we know that Pips has been around for a while and many or most of the recipients of this email have been in the program for more than 2 years. We know that Pips has paid out millions of dollars, and hopefully this is just the beginning (not the end)!

    As doubt grows though, so does the desire to withdraw funds as soon as possible for fear of losing everything we have built with Pips!

    With this in mind, we (I will explain who ‘we’ are in a future communication) have plans in place to enable a limited number of Pips members with sizable Pips accounts to be able to utilize their Picpay funds to participate in an extremely interesting opportunity. This opportunity is ‘time-sensitive’ as we wish to move as quickly as possible.

    You are invited to request information as to the opportunity presented here. However, the need for privacy and confidentiality is paramount and therefore certain precautions are required as a prerequisite to proceeding. This starts by us using a generic email account for this communication! As we move forward, confidentiality continues to be paramount!

    The procedure will be as follows:

    Please reply to this email with ‘NDA please’ in the subject heading.

    You will then be sent a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to sign and fax/email back.

    Once we have the NDA returned, we will send you further information that will include details of a private conference call that we will be running. You can listen into this call to hear details of the proposition and the steps you will need to take to be included in this opportunity to put your Picpay to work!

    All that we can say at this time is that this is an extremely safe and profitable way of utilizing Picpay funds to receive high, guaranteed returns that will diversify your income outside the Pips program .... and secondly, this is only available to Pips members who have the capacity to generate significant amounts of Picpay quickly! We believe you are one such member, hence you being one of a limited number of recipients of this email!

    We would also say that what we are proposing in no way compromises or competes with the Pips business. We continue to be supporters of Bryan and the Pips business and have nothing but respect and good wishes/intentions towards the Pips business.

    Our apologies for the vague and secretive nature of this communication, the reasons for which you will clearly understand as we proceed through the information process!

    Kind regards

    Phoenix Group

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    If anybody recived this email. stay away.


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    Stay clear off a program ho is called ROBOGOLD Scam dilux

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    Default Why are you all so sure ........

    the Pheonix Group is a scam??

    Edit: removed text now located at: MOD - YB.
    May the good earth survive (and thrive), our "leaders".

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